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How to install a pump for heating

How to install a pump for heating

Individual heating in the apartment,workplace, in the office or home, it is much more economical than centralized. It depends primarily on the distance traveled by the coolant from the boiler to the radiators.

There are two main ways of using such a system with natural circulation and forced.

In the latter case it is primarily a circulation pump that circulates the coolant through the pipeline.

You will need

  • - germetik-
  • - Rubber or silicone prokladki-
  • - A set of keys from "22" to "36".



Pick the pump for heating, consideringits heat loss. The calculation should include heat loss of exterior walls, thermal conditions, ie, What is the average temperature in the building, floor space and other parameters. According to the theory, "heat flow depends on the heat loss to the outer fences, which are directly proportional to the difference between the outside air temperature T1 and the temperature T inside the room, the area S of the heated premises, heat loss coefficient (W / m? K)." This calculation can be represented as follows:

- With a radiator heating system, if the area (S) space is 80-120 m ?, the pump should issue a coolant 0.4m? per hour, at 120-160 m? - 0.5 m? -

- Under the system "warm floor", if S = 80-120 m? - 1.5 m ?, at 120-160 m? - 2.0 m ?.


Place the pump in the heating systemradiators on the back of the line near the boiler, where the lowest temperature. The apartments and houses up to 200 square meters? it is rather arbitrary, as the heat transfer medium is different from the supply pipe on the back of 1-2 degrees. Therefore, it does not matter in small circuits of heating systems where the pump is installed. Installation of the circulating pump for heating is made at the time of installation of the heating system, if it is valid, it is necessary to drain the coolant before it. You can not do if the incoming and outgoing pipe mounted cranes overlapping access to it. Then you should close them and start the installation.


Set it in the direction indicatedarrow. It is the movement of the coolant. Before entering the pump should be put purifying filter. Each screw connection protect the sealant and seal between mating parts. The pump must be installed horizontally, it may damage the rotor, besides you will hear his constant "rumble". After installing and filling it with coolant, open the central screw located on the top cover. From the opening act a little liquid. Thus, the excess air from the pump is removed. It can be connected to network 220 or via conventional electrical plugs, or by an electric machine.


Install the system "warm floor" in the pump linefeed. This will prevent any chance of rupture and flow of air into the system. The formation of air pockets - the biggest nuisance in warm floors.

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