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How to install a printer driver

How to install a printer driver

Printers, like so many other computerdevice to work properly require the installation of special programs - drivers. After all, the printer can be released much later than the system installed on the computers.

In this case, the system "knows" how to manage it this printer.

To avoid such problems? manufacturers and release program drivers that? explain? system? how to manage it with this device.

You will need

  • Usually when buying a printer driver attached toit on a CD. This CD is required during installation and driver. If you lost it, or even, for some reason, this disc is not - the program must be downloaded from the printer manufacturer.



If you do not have a CD with the drivers? You have to look for them on the manufacturer's website. The main body of the printer, always have information about the company, which it released and what is the printer model. With the help of search engines find the site of the manufacturer. On this website you need to find your model in sections? User support ?,? File archive ?,? Download ?. Once you find a model? You need to select the system for which you are downloading the driver. By selecting it, download the program proposed by the manufacturer. It should be noted that the part of the driver, which you can find on the site? issued later than the drivers supplied with the equipment when buying. This allows the manufacturer to correct some errors of previous versions, use more advanced printing technology to increase speed and make new drivers more informative. Always, if possible, download the updated drivers from the manufacturer's website.


Now that you have a program or CDdrive, run the installation or double-click on the downloaded file, or by simply inserting the disc into the drive. The installer will ask you to select the folder in which it will be installed files. Most often there is no need to change the way in which it is installed by default. When prompted to connect the printer, plug it to USB-port and turn on the computer. The installation will continue automatically.


Sometimes, after installing the drivers, you must restart the computer. Do it when the installer will ask you about it.

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