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How to install a home network


How to install a home network</a>

At present, no one is surprised at the presence of several computer devices at home - a laptop, a desktop computer, a netbook.

Of course, it's more convenient when you do not have to run with a flash drive from one device to another to rewrite the movie, photos, music.

All this is much easier and more convenient to do with the help of a home network.

You will need

  • To create a network between two devices, you needOnly specially crimped cable? Twisted pair. If you want to combine several computer devices, you will also need a special device? Switch. It will be the center of your network, it will connect to it all computers to access other machines, and he? Redirect their requests to wherever necessary.



If there are only two computers on your network,Connect the twisted pair of their ethernet? Ports (network cards). If there are several devices, in turn, connect them all with the switch ports. When turning on devices on the switch, the lights should light up, indicating that the connection has been established.


Once the devices are connected,Set up systems so that all computers can see each other. Click Start. Customization - Control Panel? Network connections. A window will open, in which there will be a shortcut? Local Area Connection ?. Right-click on it. Open the properties of the Internet Protocol TCP / IP.
Here you need to set the IP address and subnet mask. The network mask will be the same for all your devices Assign the first computer address, the second and so on for all devices on the network.
In order for computers to see each other,Check if all computers are in the same workgroup. To do this, right-click on the "My Computer" tab, select "Properties"? And click the "Computer name" tab. Assign Mshome home group to all devices.

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