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How to set Up on samsung

How to set Up on samsung

Any phone from Samsung has a standard set of ringtones.

However, this is not always able to meet the user set, and then the question arises of how to put your favorite songs on the call.



Download the song you want on your device toset your ringtone to call Samsung. This can be done through a network of wireless Internet Wi-Fi with a good signal, or download the ringtone from your computer. For the second option, you'll need an adapter, which always comes with the phone. If the box you will not find, contact your dealer.


After the audio file is downloaded, go tofolder, which serves as a directory for downloads and click on the desired song. When the song opens, select the "Options" menu and click on the setting "Set the call." Phone prompts you to choose on which one type of signal to set a song: sms, contact, any incoming call. Select the appropriate option.


If your phone Samsung Galaxy, inRegardless of the variety, you need to load an audio file into a special folder called Notifications. First check whether there is the folder on your memory card. If not, create it using the installed in the phone file manager.


Copy the selected song in the Notifications folder and go to settings, is responsible for the installation of ring tones. Now, among the standard audio file, and you will find your song.

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