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How to set up a call to samsung


How to set up a call to samsung</a>

Any phone from Samsung has a standard set of ring tones.

However, not always this set is able to satisfy the user, and then the question arises as to how to put your favorite song on the call.



Download the desired song to your device toSet your melody to Samsung's call. This can be done via a wireless Wi-Fi network with a good signal, or download a melody from the computer. For the second option you need an adapter, which always comes with the phone. If in the box you did not find it, contact the seller.


After the audio file is downloaded, go toA folder that serves as a directory for downloads, and click on the desired song. When the song opens, select "Options" and click on the "Set to ring" setting. The phone will offer you to choose which type of signal to set the song: sms, contact, any incoming call. Choose the appropriate option.


If your phone is Samsung Galaxy, then inIndependence from its variety, you need to download the audio file into a special folder called Notifications. First check to see if this folder exists on your memory card. If not, create it using the file manager installed on your phone.


Copy the selected song to the Notifications folder and go to the settings section, which is responsible for setting the melodies for the call. Now, among the standard audio files, you'll find your own song.

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