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How to install a bath on the tiles

How to install a bath on the tiles

Installation of baths - a laborious process, but the end result will quickly forget all the difficulties encountered during the work.

Install the bath on the tile can be, without the need for specialist services, as this is not so and it is difficult even for one person.

You will need

  • - vanna-
  • - tile-
  • - Master OK-
  • - Leveling smes-
  • - Waterproof germetik-
  • - Plastic tips.



Before installing the bath, a specialcement screed or a solution align the section of the floor on which it will stand. Next, lay out the cemented portion of the rigid sexual tiles, which has good strength, and according to the instructions, hold it a certain time.


Decide bath choice as bathsvarious materials are set differently. Choosing a bath (cast iron or steel), carefully, store it in the bathroom, with a threshold and floor cover with a thick soft material that will serve as a kind of protection for both the bath and the new ceramic coating.


When the floor tiles rather "grab"install the support. When installing a cast-iron bath hammer wedges in several stages, from the bath center to the edges. By installing a steel bath, use the reliance on self adhesive overlays, which can be adjusted. When buying, choose a short and long support screws that will be more convenient to make assembly work.


If the floor tiles has a slidingsurface, fix the ends of supports with waterproof adhesive polymer formula. And in order not to split the tile when using the bathroom, set props, wearing on their pre-plastic caps, which should also be fixed on the tile with adhesive.


After installation make a final bathfinishing work on the hydraulic protection gaps and grouting. Gaps can be repaired with the help of adhesive tape on the curb-based or ceramic floor.

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