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How to install a bath on a tile


How to install a bath on a tile</a>

Installing a bath is a laborious process, but the end result will quickly forget all the difficulties that have arisen during the work.

You can install a bath on the tile, without resorting to the services of a specialist, since it is not so difficult to make it even to one person.

You will need

  • - bath-
  • - tile-
  • - Master OK-
  • - leveling mixture-
  • - waterproof sealant-
  • - plastic tips.



Before installing a bath, a specialCement screed or mortar level the area of ​​the floor above which it will stand. Next, lay the cemented area with a hard floor tile, which has good strength, and, according to the instructions, withstand a certain time.


Decide on the choice of bath, since the baths fromDifferent materials are installed differently. Select a bath (cast iron or steel), carefully put it in the bathroom, while the threshold and floors are covered with thick soft material, which will serve as some protection for both the bath and the new ceramic coating.


When the floor tiles are enough to "grasp"Install the supports. When installing a cast iron bath, slaughter the wedges in several stages, from the center of the bath to the edges. When installing a steel bath, use supports on self-adhesive pads that can be adjusted. When buying, choose short supports and long screws, which will allow more convenient installation work.


If the floor tile has a slidingSurface, then fix the ends of the supports with polymer glue with a water resistant formula. And in order not to split the tile when using the bathroom, install the supports by putting plastic lugs on them, which should also be fixed on the tile with the help of glue.


After the final installation of the bath, makeFinishing work on the waterproofing of gaps and grouting joints. The gaps can be sealed with a border strip on an adhesive base or a ceramic skirting board.

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