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How to install 1c warehouse

1C "Trade + Warehouse"

To install 1C "Trade + Warehouse" you needvirtually any computer, preferably with the Windows family of operating systems, any media with the program 1C "Trade + warehouse" to a trusted key and the appropriate configuration of the platform.

Nothing daunting to install the program is not: you just need to follow the prompts that pop up on the monitor and perform all the steps.

You need to install the program itself, and the protection of the database system configuration and enter the key to the program is correct.

You will need

  • carrier with software, computer



Before you can install 1C "Trade + Warehouse"you need to take care of a safe manner. It can be obtained either by purchasing the package 1C "Trade + storage", or purchased separately from official distributors. In this case, it seems more appropriate to purchase a full package, as guarantee the normal operation of the acquired program is significantly higher. Besides, with the software sold educational literature and sometimes provided free assistance service.


So, you have started the installation. Do not be afraid of an abundance of files: you need to start the installation from the installation file called setup.exe. When it opens plant 1C "Trade + Warehouse" will start automatically. Then you need to install the HASP - this system of protection against illegal use of software, but its installation is obligatory in any case. It will open on their own, and the pop-up window will need to click "YES". Next, open the field for the introduction of the key. If you have a license key to 1C "Trade + Warehouse", then you just have to enter it, and if not, it will have to operate alternatively. In particular, it is possible to install an emulator, which is often attached to a downloadable program.


Then you need to set the configurationcorresponding to your platform. For example, if you installed 1C "Trade + Warehouse" 7.7, then the configuration must conform to it. In the case of the acquisition of licensed software such problems should arise, but when different versions are downloaded programs, here it is important not to be mistaken. Set the configuration needed in the template directory. By the way, the latest version - 8.2, and it is best to install it, although many prefer to remain on the 7.7, because they are so familiar. Then you need to run the program, select "Add" - "creating a new" - "Create a template" and choose the template you have installed. Installation of 1C "Trade + Warehouse" is completed, and your database is created.

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