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Audacity second happiness?

Happiness - a subjective concept, and, as we know, it is his for everyone. At the same time it is no secret that the audacity, according to popular wisdom, is the second happiness.

Whatever it was, but this statement has a grain of truth, because it is arrogant, self-confident and courageous people achieve in life of significant career heights.

The insolence: for and against

In most cases, the word "arrogant" is used topeople who easily make their way through life, and to take an active stance in all areas. However, the term "arrogant" is also applicable to those who are able to substitute the neighbor for the sake of its own goals and go ahead on the head, especially not stand on ceremony with those found on the thorny path. Consequently, the concept combines both positive and negative points. As for achievements in professional activities, without that quality sometimes is not enough.

Ambitious, courageous, confident, going ahead vibrant personality with a strong temperament, attract the employers more than clogged executive gray mouse.

Given that brazen in moderation - is notnecessarily rude, going over the heads, the audacity - a quality of character, which lacks many insecure people. After all, arrogant - it's more self-confident man who knows the price of his labor, and will not work for the penny wage and content with little. With regard to the brazen women, it is usually the data representative of the popular with the opposite sex and well realize their career wise.

How not to cross the line: the audacity as a means of achieving the objectives

If we look at the audacity with positive pointsview, it should be noted that the quality, many disliked, does not occur very often. Quite a number of women suffering from excessive zakompleksovannosti and uncertainty. It's no secret that women sometimes need to exercise assertiveness and arrogance, as in relationships with men, and in everyday life. For the development of a given quality, primarily rhetorical skills needed. As you know, the art of persuasion - is not necessarily intellectual baggage of knowledge. In this case, the accents in favor of the inner strength of man and his ability to influence the opinion of another person. Therefore, it must be regularly trained. Learn to speak, watch how your keywords work on others, and make the appropriate conclusions.
Also, such a quality as self-confidence,It helps to achieve this goal in a fierce competition, which constantly face female representatives as a "personal front" and in professional fields.

Diffident man - this is not a problem for others, but the problem is primarily concerned with the individual directly.

Another, a second feature that distinguishes the brazenman is courage. If you met a sort of insolent, you probably noticed that these people are not afraid of difficulties and share the risk in any business, and who does not risk, that is known and does not drink champagne.
Based on the foregoing, it can be concluded,that arrogant people - it is not only the second owners of happiness, but most of the first, which is so eager to everyone. Consequently, the audacity - that's the nature of the capacity in which the main thing - do not cross the line, where assertiveness borders on rudeness, the ability to stand your ground - rudeness and bad manners.

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