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How to insert glass into the frame


How to insert glass into the frame</a>

Often, windows need repair.

Sometimes you have to change everything, from the window frame and the bolt and ending with the glass itself. Do this work very carefully.

There is a risk of getting damage from the glass.

You will need

  • - Nails-
  • - shtapiki-
  • - chisel-
  • - putty knife-
  • - hairdryer-
  • - an adhesive tape or an insulating tape-
  • - Putty.



Sometimes you have to replace the broken glass in the window. You can do it yourself. Before you start to change the glass in the window, take out Frame From the hinges and put it on the table. If the old glass is severely damaged, it is recommended to attach the fragments to each other with adhesive tape or tape. Remove the old putty with the chisel. In the same way, remove small fragments. If the putty has hardened, and you can not remove it, then heat these places with a soldering iron. You can also use a hair dryer that gives out hot air. After that you can easily remove the old putty.


After that, rinse well. Frame And, if necessary, paint. If the frame is new, cover it with a layer of drying oil. In most cases it is not possible to find a suitable glass. Buy a larger glass in the store and cut off excess parts. Cutting is possible only on a horizontal surface. Keep the glass cutter strictly vertically. Cut from the far edge of the glass to yourself.


After you cut out the glass neededSize, put it on the table. Now take the putty and put a layer of it on the surface of the folds. The glass will fit snugly against the frame. Also in the folds will not get water.


Then, gently insert the glass into the Frame. The putty layer should be evenly distributedOn the folds. Cover the remaining gaps with fresh putty. For this work, use a chisel or a spatula. Between the glass and the frame there should be a gap of no more than 2 millimeters. Instead of putty, you can also use a rubber tube with a diameter of 8 millimeters. Cut it along and put it on the edge of the glass.


Please note, if the glass is too dense to cover, thenWhen the temperature changes, it may crack. That's why carefully inspect the condition of the putty around the perimeter of the window. If you notice the formation of cracks, then using a knife, carefully remove the putty. It remains only to fix the glass well with the help of glazing beads.

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