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How to insert a glass in a frame

How to insert a glass in a frame

Quite often, the windows need to be repaired.

Sometimes you have to change everything from the window frame and the bolt and ending with the glass itself. Perform this work very carefully.

There is a risk to get damages from the glass.

You will need

  • - Gvozdi-
  • - shtapiki-
  • - stameska-
  • - putty knife-
  • - fen-
  • - Tape or izolenta-
  • - Putty.



Sometimes it is necessary to replace the broken glass pane. You can do it yourself. Before you begin to change the glass pane, remove frame of the loops and put it on the table. If the old glass is badly damaged, it is recommended to bond the pieces together using adhesive tape or electrical tape. The old putty, remove the chisel. In the same way, and remove small pieces. If the putty harden, and you can not delete it, then heat the soldering locations. You can also use a hair dryer, which produces hot air. After that, you can easily remove the old putty.


Then rinse well frame and, if necessary, the dye. If a new frame, then cover it with a layer of varnish. In most cases it is impossible to find a suitable size glass. Get in the store window sizes larger and cut the extra part. Cut only on a horizontal surface. Glass cutter hold vertically. Cut from the far edge of the glass itself.


After you cut out the glass requiredsize, put it on the table. Now take the putty and apply a layer to the surface folds. Glass will be tight to the frame. Also in the folds will not get water.


Then insert the glass gently frame. A layer of putty must be evenly distributedrebate. Remaining gaps seal the fresh putty. For this operation, use a chisel or a trowel. Between the glass and the frame should be a gap of more than 2 millimeters. Instead of putty you can also use a rubber tube diameter of 8 mm. Cut it along and put on glass edge.


Note if the glass cover up too tightly, thentemperature change, it may crack. Therefore, carefully inspect the state of putty around the perimeter of the window. If you notice any cracks, then with a knife, carefully remove the putty. It remains only to fix the glass well with the help of glazing beads.

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