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How to insert a tag

Do not forget about the tags, and your life will become easier!

Internet is so firmly entrenched in our lives that we can not imagine life without him.

Like all advanced technologies, Internet strives to optimize the desired information retrieval process.

This will help you tag.



Tags - these are the main subject of the message. Each of them may be several. For example, in the recipe of chocolate cake will order at least three: the recipe, chocolate cake.
Tags will make the selection of necessary information, for example, to filter posts by author (Hedgehog), orientation (journalism), topic (Asia).
Agree, the message you want to look so much easier than endlessly turning the pages of the Internet community with a long history.


Add tags in the message will not be difficult. You just do not forget about them and with respect to the users who will use the information you are after.
All templates that involve setting the tag, there is a special field for them. Most often it is called "tags", "threads", "keywords".
Many programs offer already generated a list of tags, so you will just need to put a tick next to the desired topic.


Tags are able to make your life easier not only forInternet. You can do this on your computer. Fill in the name of keywords files and search for them will be easier. Add a theme to the list of recordings and listen to all the songs of your favorite band is not difficult. Make notes to your photos, and then in the gloomy autumn day you can enjoy the views of the sandy beaches easily.

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