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How to insert sound in video


How to insert sound in video</a>

Adding audio to video or replacing the audio track is done using special tools for editing video.

Most modern programs allow you to work with almost any audio files, and add and synchronize them directly in the editor window.



Download the application to work with video files. The most simple program for adding an additional soundtrack is VirtualDubMod. It does not require installation, is easy to use and has quite a wide functionality. Among the programs that allow you to edit audio tracks and change the settings for synchronizing music and video, you can note the video editor Movavi and CyberLink PowerDirector.


Install the downloaded application by running the fileInstaller and following the instructions that appear on the screen. If you selected VirtualDubMod for the download, unpack the downloaded archive into a folder convenient for you.


If you are using VirtualDubMod, then forTo add a video file that needs to be changed, go to the File - Open menu. After that, open the Streams - Stream List tab. In the window that appears, select one or more audio tracks using the Add button. The playback order of the added audio is changed by the Move up and Move down buttons. The Disable item is responsible for deleting unnecessary tracks. After adding the desired audio files, go to the Video - Direct Stream Copy menu. Save the changes made using File - Save as.


The principle of operation of all programs for editingVideo is approximately the same. If you decide to use the utility from CyberLink or Movavi, first download the desired video file using the "File" - "Open" menu.


At the bottom of the editor window, you will see a panel,Where video and audio tracks are displayed. Mouse drag the audio file to this area of ​​the application. Use the appropriate functions to edit the audio segment. For example, using the "Crop" option, you can delete some of the melody.


After completing the operations of adding an audio track, save the changes using the "File" - "Save as ..." item.

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