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How to insert one image to another in Photoshop

How to insert one image to another in Photoshop

To be able to handle Adobe Photoshop well by the fact that it is not necessary to wrestle with some cards give people the holidays. Because they can do it yourself.

And one of skill that is required in this case - it is able to insert one image to another.

You will need

  • - Adobe Photoshop.



Run the program and open it in twoImage: what you want to paste, and then you want to insert. To do this, press the shortcut keys Ctrl + O, select the file (or files if they are in the same folder) and click "Open".


Select the pictureWhich intend to insert. If you want to insert it completely, take the tool "Move» (Move, hotkey V) and simply drag and drop to another picture. Using the same tool, you can drag to move picture already within the "destination." However, you can encounter one difficulty - the size of the pasted image may not fit your idea.


If picture too much and blocking an entire "pointDestination ", then before you drag, reduce it. To do this click on the menu item "Image» (Image) - & gt- «image size» (Image size) or use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Alt + I, in the window that appears, find the "dimension" section (Pixel dimensions, it is at the top) change there parameters "Width» (Width) and "Height» (Height), and then click OK. By the way, to go back a few steps back, use the menu "History" (to open it, click the "Window" menu (Window) - & gt- «History» (History)).


If picture is too small, it can increase the already directly into the "destination". In the Layers list, select the layer to drag picturem, and press Ctrl + T. Around the square there will be a layer markers, hold down Shift (to keep the proportions of the image) and drag one of the corner handles outward. Incidentally, using this method it is possible to reduce and pictureFor this drag a corner handle inward image.


To save the result, press Ctrl + Shift + S, enter the path in the window that appears, enter a name, determine the type of the future file and click "Save".

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