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How to insert one image into another in Photoshop


How to insert one image into another in Photoshop</a>

It's good to be able to handle Adobe Photoshop by the fact that you do not have to puzzle over what postcards to give people for the holidays. Because you can make them yourself.

And one of the skills that will be required in this case is to be able to insert one image into another.

You will need

  • Adobe Photoshop.



Run the program and open bothImages: the one you want to insert, and the one you want to insert. To do this, press Ctrl + O hotkeys, select the file (or files if they are in the same folder) and click "Open".


Select one picture, Which you intend to insert. If you want to insert it completely, take the "Move" tool (Move, hot key V) and just drag it to another picture. With the same tool, you can move the drawn picture Already within the "destination". However, here you can face one difficulty - the size of the inserted image may not match your idea.


If picture Too large and blocks the whole "pointDestination ", then before dragging it, reduce it. To do this, click the menu item "Image" - & gt- "Image size" (Image size) or use the hot keys Ctrl + Alt + I, in the window that appears, find the "Pixel dimensions" section (it is at the top) , Change the "Width" and "Height" parameters in it, and then click OK. By the way, to go back a few steps, use the "History" menu (to open it, click the menu item "Window" -> gt- "History").


If picture Too small, it can be increased already directly at the "destination". In the list of layers, select the layer with a drawn pictureM and press Ctrl + T. Around the layer will appear square markers, hold down Shift (to keep the aspect ratio) and pull one of the corner markers outwards. By the way, with the help of this method it is possible to reduce picture, To do this, drag the corner marker into the image.


To save the result press Ctrl + Shift + S, in the appeared window specify the path, enter the name, define the type of the future file and press "Save".

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