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How to insert music in your blog


How to insert music in your blog</a>

Sometimes on the pages of your blog or website I want to share your favorite tunes with readers.

Technically, this is not very difficult, it is enough to use useful Internet services.



To insert a song on yourPage or blog, you need to use one of the many music stores. The most popular in the Russian segment of the blogosphere is "Simple Player", you can use it or the service DivShare. To find these sites, just type their names in Google.


Next, you need to register on the selectedYour site, so it will be much easier to post music on the blog. To register you will need a unique nickname, email and password. But, if you already have a Facebook account, you just need to specify its data on the selected site and not register.


Enter the selected service, switch to itsMain page and start looking for the desired melody. If suddenly in the database of the service there is no this musical composition, you can download it yourself to your page in the service. To do this, you need to find a song on your computer and remember its location. Then click the "Download" button on the site of the selected service, specify the path to the music track and confirm the download.


Once you've found or downloaded the music you want, find the "Share" button next to its name. On the attached picture, this button is underlined in red. Click on it.


In the window that appears, you can save the selectedCode using the Ctrl + C key combination and paste it into the new blog entry yourself. But if you are currently logged into your blog, just click on the service page button of the desired blog service, then the page with the new record will be created automatically, all you have left is to write the accompanying text and confirm sending the record.

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