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How to embed fluorescent lamps

How to embed fluorescent lamps

Lighting devices are a necessary element of any car. Due to the headlights, there is a possibility of movement even in the dark.

Today, in addition to the main headlight on car set additional fluorescent lights that improve visibility when driving in the daytime.

Insert them is not difficult.

You will need

  • - lineyka-
  • - Fixing ugolki-
  • - homuta-
  • - double sided tape.



Before inserting the fluorescent light,make measurements to determine the place of their installation. It should be at a height of 350-1500 mm from the surface level. The distance from the side of the vehicle headlights to be not less than 400 mm. With regard to the distance between the lamps themselves, it should not be less than 600 mm.


After determining the location fit securinglights under the bumper bracket, or embed them in the plug. In the first case, screw the lamp bracket to bumper, and in the second make holes in the lamp previously removed and cleaned of the mud plug and the rear side of the horizontal bar cut. Now you can fasten the bracket to the lamp mounting bracket, and then fasten it to a plug.


Now open the hood and fix the control unitfluorescent lights. Best of all, if it will be located as close as possible to the battery. To secure it, you can use double-sided adhesive tape or wrap the block clamps. You can also make a homemade bracket for the control unit using the mounting brackets. After that, if the unit is installed next to the left headlight, slide the cable along the edge of the body to the right or vice versa.


Once the fluorescent lamp isinserted, and the control unit is fixed, it is necessary to make the connection. To do this, the black block cable connect with the mass of the vehicle. Red wire connected to one of the wires, which are suitable to the positive terminal of the battery. Now fix the fuse through plastic clamps, and then connect the orange wire to the wire size. Fluorescent lamps are connected under the scheme will be included immediately after the car engine be acquired.

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