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How to insert a thread in the sewing machine Seagull

How to insert a thread in the sewing machine Seagull

If you want to make or handle anything on the sewing machine, first of all, you need to learn how to fill the string.

Having considered the sewing machine "Seagull", you can see that the two threads used in sewing. To properly fill the top and bottom of the thread, it is necessary to perform a certain sequence of operations.

When you insert the wrong machine will not sew, or thread will break.



Prepare the sewing machine to work. Place the needle to its highest position using the flywheel. Pressure foot lift. The needle in the needle holder, position and secure it with a screw.


Pick the right thread, given the color and size. To get a quality line you need to use the upper thread to be larger than the bottom. Set the spool pin. Place the coil on it and thread.


Pull the thread from the spool to the thread guide, afterthread the washers between the tension adjuster. If the thread is passed correctly, washers must click. Continue to stretch the thread through the thread take-up hook.


Pass the thread through the thread guide located on the needle holder. Thread the needle eye. To thread a needle, use nitkovdevatelem.


Pull the thread to see whether clingsit is for the members of the sewing machine. Poor polished parts can sometimes cut the thread. Do not tucked thread pull too much, because it may break the needle.


Fill the bottom of the thread. Pull the sliding plate and remove the spool cap. Remove it from the race, keeping a special catches. The finished bobbin with thread insert into the cap. Pull the thread through the slot, and then the tension spring across the bobbin case.


Pull the thread to see if it is easy tounwound. Put the cap on the spool pin with the shuttle. If the cap is properly sat down and locks, should occur a click. cap with the latch process should be spring-loaded spool.


To pull the bobbin thread to the plate, lowerneedle in the hole while holding the end of the upper thread. With the rise of needles, will lower the top (shuttle) thread in the form of loops. Pull both threads under the foot of his own. The sewing machine is ready for operation.

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