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How to insert a thread


How to insert a thread </a>

Inserting the thread into the needle is easy enough.

The main thing is to cut it off correctly from the coil, because the problem lies precisely in the fact that the tail of the thread is fluffed and is hardly inserted into the eye of the needle.

For sewing, it is necessary to use new threads - those that have lain not one year, lose their strength.



Take the spool of thread and cut off the necessary length.


Carefully thread the needle in the eye. If nothing happens, then try to wet the tip of the thread and slightly twist it in your finger. Then try again.


You can insert the thread using a special device. It has an oblong oval and a wire in the form & gt-. It is sold most often in sets with threads.
A wire is inserted into the wire and is threaded into theEar. Then you need to take the thread in your hand and pull out the device. The wire is soft, so it is inserted and pulled out easily. The thread must remain in the eye of the needle.


For sewing thick fabrics, use a needle withLarge eye, it is easier to insert a thick thread. But light fabrics can be sewed only with a thin needle, but the thread will also need a thin one, which should be easily inserted into the eyelet.

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