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How to insert a thread

How to insert a thread

Insert a thread a needle just enough.

The main thing to cut it off from the coil, because the problem lies in the fact that the tail thread fluff and hardly inserted into the eye of a needle.

For sewing sure to use the new thread - those that lay more than a year, they lose their strength.



Take the spool of thread and cut the required length.


Carefully thread the eye of a needle to thread. If all else fails, try to wet the tip of the thread and twist it slightly in the finger. Then try again.


You can insert a thread using a special device. It has an elongated oval and the wire in the form of & gt-. Sold mostly in sets with thread.
The wire is inserted and threaded in the threadear. Then you need to take the thread in your hand and pull the device. The wire is soft, so easy to insert and remove. The thread must remain in the eye of a needle.


When sewing thick fabrics, use a needle tolarge eye, it is easier to insert a thick thread. But light fabrics can be sewn only a thin needle, and thread will also need to thin, which must be easily inserted into the ear.

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