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How to insert a picture in html


Along with the text, photos and pictures are of great importance for the design of pages of Internet sites.

To place an image, you need itPre-edit. You can use the FrontPage editor to do this. It allows you to insert a picture in html correctly from files of different graphic formats: BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF and others. In addition, that you can use images from a computer disk, or downloaded from the Internet, the program also contains its own picture library.

Open your site and run the editor. Select the command in the taskbar & laquo-View & raquo-, then & laquo-Folders & raquo- to open the file browsing mode on the site. Double-click to open the list of files. The tour2.html page opens in edit mode. Set the cursor on the page where we will place the picture, and click the button to insert the picture on the toolbar & laquo-Standard & raquo-. The "Picture" dialog box opens. To insert a picture into html, we specify the path to load on the hard disk, and press the Insert button. The image from the file will be displayed on the site page.

Now you need to edit the picture. In this form, it can overlap existing elements, or be too close to the text and, therefore, merge with it. To change the size of the picture, click on it. A picture appears around the picture. Now you can drag the picture with the mouse over any of the corners.

On the toolbar (Toolbars) choose the command & laquo-Pictures & raquo- (Pictures). The toolbar & ndash- Pictures will appear on the screen, with which you can:

  • Place the text material on top of the GIF-
  • Move the picture to the background-
  • Rotate the picture clockwise-
  • Apply a mirror image, etc.

Also from the list of commands you can activateThe function & laquo-Alignment & raquo-, with which you can adjust the placement of the picture relative to the closely located text. To do this, enter a numeric value in the input field & laquo-Boundary thickness & raquo-, which will set the thickness of the border around it.

If the frame is not needed, then you can installValues ​​in the Horizontal spacing and Vertical spacing field, for example, & mdash- 10. This is the indent size, measured in pixels from the image to other elements of the html page. Check the box next to & laquo-Set size & raquo- (Specify size), and enter a value for the width and height. Save the changes made and check how the picture looks on the page.

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