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How to insert a needle into the machine

How to insert a needle into the machine

Experienced seamstresses and those who are just mastering the work on the sewing machine, we have to often deal with the breakdown of the machine needle.

If you just performed the replacement of needles, you knowit is very simple operation. It is quite another when the needle to bend or break the first time or there is a need to change the needle, a guide to operation of the machine is lost.

How to properly install a needle in a sewing machine?

You will need

  • - The right needle Any Room
  • - Screwdriver.



If the needle is bent or broken, then it should begently remove. To do this, turn off the power (in models of cars with an electric drive). With the flywheel carefully print the needle bar to its highest position.


Using a screwdriver, loosen the needle clamp screw and remove theneedle. Note the direction in which the flat side of the needle was directed flask - lyska. In different models of machines, the needle may be flattened by yourself or in the direction of the machine arm. When you break the needle, check, did not remain there broken-off tip of the needle in the fabric or in the shuttle. After removing the needle, do not rush to throw it, look at the number stamped on the flask.


Get in the clothing store a few sparethe same number of needles. Please note that on the same needle number can vary in length. So when you install too short or vice versa a long needle, the sewing machine can be "capricious" and start making gaps in the line. In addition, the needle should be sharp, smooth and well polished. Remember that the notch on the needle can lead to frequent filament breakage or deformation of tissue.


new needle insert the needle bar slot up to the stop. Make sure that the flat side of the needle (lyska) facing in the same direction as that of the old needles. Tighten the needle clamp screw.


Fill in the car, and thread on the test piecematerial check line quality. Carefully making a few turns of the flywheel, make sure that a new needle does not cling (hits) for the shuttle cap. Connect the drive and do a test line.

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