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How to insert a needle in a typewriter


How to insert a needle in a typewriter</a>

Experienced seamstresses and those who only master the work on the sewing machine, often have to deal with the breakdown of the machine needle.

If you have repeatedly replaced a needle, you knowThat this is a very simple operation. It is quite another matter when the needle breaks or bends for the first time or there is a need to change the needle, and the manual for the operation of the machine is lost.

How to properly install the needle in the sewing machine?

You will need

  • - the needle of the desired number-
  • - Screwdriver.



If the needle has broken or bent, then it should beNeatly remove. To do this, disconnect the power supply (in the models of cars with electric drive). Using a flywheel, gently pull the needle bar to the highest position.


Use a screwdriver to loosen the needle clamp screw and removeNeedle. Pay attention to the direction in which the flat side was directed to the flask of the needle - the flat. In different models of machines, the needle can stand flat on itself or towards the sleeve of the machine. If the needle breaks, check to see if the broken tip of the needle has remained in the fabric or in the shuttle. After taking out the needle, do not rush to throw it away, look at the number knocked out on the flask.


Get some spare parts from the sewing shopNeedles of the same number. Note that the same needle number can vary in length. So when the setting is too short or vice versa, with a longer needle, the sewing machine can "be capricious" and start making skips in the line. In addition, the needle should be sharp, smooth and well polished. Remember that notches on the needle can lead to frequent ruptures of the thread or deformation of the tissue.


The new A needle Insert the needle bar up to the stop. Make sure that the flat side of the needle (flat) is facing the same side as the previous needle. Tighten the needle clamp screw.


Fill the machine with thread and a test pieceCheck the stitch quality. Gently making several turns with a flywheel, make sure that the new needle does not catch (hit) the shuttle cap. Connect the actuator and make a test stitch.

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