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How to insert a person in a suit with a pattern

How to insert a person in a suit with a pattern

Package editorial programs from Adobe, in particularknown program "Photoshop", not only do wonders and create masterpieces. There are a number of common problems that regularly arise for designers, photographers, editors.

One of these tasks - to insert into a template human faces with costumes for printing documents.



Patterns of women's suits, dresses, men'sclassic "triplets" with different shirts and ties can be found both on paid Photostok (Shutterstock.com, istock.com), and the free resources (Allpolus.com, Photoshop-shablon.ru, Olik.ru). Download the file in psd format (standard for "Photoshop"), is a set of graphical elements, adapted for editing and placed on different layers.


Open Adobe Photoshop. If you do not have this software, you can install the shareware version (will work 30 days) from Adobe.com.


Click "File" section, click "Open" and open in different windows suit template and the photo with the person whose face you want to add to the collage.


First, cut out the face of the photo. To do this, use the tools Zoom ( «Up", for details), Magnetic Lasso ( «Magnetic Lasso", it is necessary to highlight the area of ​​the face) and the Lasso (for correction release). Move Tool will need to capture and transfer of persons. The layer-transferred person will automatically create "Photoshop" on the collage.


Adjust the size. To do this, use the tool Free Transform ( «Free transformation"). Hold the Shift key while the transformation - it will keep the aspect ratio.


Hide unnecessary layers (with a tie, shirt orbackground pattern), you can, by clicking on the left of the Layers palette entry ( "layers" on the "eye"). If you do not have to remove an item entirely, and leave it a significant part of (for example, to hide a part of a tie under a suit), move one layer below the other. Layer, located at the top of the Layers palette, shown in its entirety.


At the end of the work to save the result. Click Save as ... «File" from the menu. Standard size photos conservation - jpeg.

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