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How to insert a drill bit


How to insert a drill bit</a>

The most necessary thing in the household -electric drill. Hang a hanger or shelf, drive a dowel into a brick wall, repair furniture - all these traditional works on the arrangement of an apartment without a drill can be difficult.

Like any complex technical device, the drill requires careful attention.

And to begin acquaintance with this tool it is necessary from installation of a drill.



Consider an electric drill with a convenient self-clamping chuck. In order to correctly insert into the drill drill Or other accessory, you must first make sure that the drill is turned off from the electrical network.


Put the drill switch in the "Off" position.


With one hand firmly grasp the back of the cartridge, and with the other hand rotate the cartridge counterclockwise. Rotate should be until the cartridge is opened, so that it can be inserted drill Or other attachment.


Insert drill (Nozzle) into the socket until it stops and secure it,Holding the back of the cartridge. Rotate the front part clockwise until a characteristic click is heard (a lock that protects the cartridge from opening during drilling in impact mode has triggered in the cartridge).


If the drill is not equipped with a special lock,Rotate the chuck until the drill is firmly clamped. Use a special wrench that is inserted into the holes along the edges of the chuck and rotates clockwise until it stops.


Remove the drill bit or nozzle in the reverse order. Be sure to disconnect the drill from the power supply when replacing the tool.

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