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How to insert a postcard into a letter


How to insert a postcard into a letter</a>

To give or send cards is already a tradition.

Meanwhile, this tradition came to us from the countries of Western Europe.

From the moment of their appearance in Russia, the cards were presented as follows: colorful pictures brought from abroad sent with best wishes on the card itself to only close and dear people.

This tradition is still alive and smoothly transformed from cardboard cards to electronic cards.

You will need

  • - Internet service? Yandex. Postcards?



In order to insert a picture in the letter,Which you want to send, you must first write a letter. Let's consider an example with postcards on Yandex. Start the Internet browser and enter? Yandex.ru? In the address bar, press Enter. In the left part of the page there is a section "Mail", go to it. Log in to? Яндекс.Почта ?. In the category of? Letters? Press the? Write a letter? Button.

How to insert a postcard into a letter


Before you open a new window, in which there isFields? To whom? And? Theme ?. Enter the addressee in the? To? Field, in the? Subject field? You can indicate the reason for sending a postcard (you do not need to specify a topic, but some letters without them can get into spam). For example, "Happy birthday?" Or? Happy New Year ?. You can select a recipient from the history of saved messages (address book). To do this, click the images of the person opposite the field? To whom? And select the e-mail address you need. You can also enter the address manually, the system will tell you the possible options when you enter the first characters of the e-mail address.

If you decide to send a card to several contacts, then click the copy button, in one letter you can specify no more than 25 contacts.
You can enter text in 2 modes:

- just text-

- Check out the letter.

In the "letter" mode? You can beautifully write the written text: apply to the words selection, italics, another text color, insert emoticons. To switch from one mode to another, click the corresponding button next to the text field of the message.

You can also use the spellcheck and insert the signature to all outgoing emails.

How to insert a postcard into a letter


After the complete creation of the letter, add a postcard,Which can be selected on the page? Yandex. Postcards? Or by clicking on the? Postcard? Button. Choose one of the presented categories? Click on the postcard image and it will automatically appear in the text field of the message. Correct the position of the picture, add a congratulatory text (if required). Click send to send the message to the recipient.

How to insert a postcard into a letter

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