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How to insert a card in the mail

How to insert a card in the mail

Give or send greeting cards is a tradition.

Meanwhile, this tradition came to us from countries of Western Europe.

Since their introduction in the Russian card gave as follows: imported from abroad colorful pictures sent best wishes on the card itself only near and dear to people.

This tradition is still alive and gradually changed from cardboard cards to electronic cards.

You will need

  • - Internet service Yandeks.Otkrytki?



To insert a picture in a letter,you want to send, you must first write the letter. Consider the example of a postcard on Yandex. Run an Internet browser and in the address bar, type? Yandex.ru ?, press Enter. On the left side of the page is the "Mail" section, go to him. Now log on? Yandeks.Pochta ?. In the category? Letters? click? Send e-mail ?.

How to insert a card in the mail


A new window will open up, in which there isfield? Who? and? The topic ?. Enter the recipient in the field? Who ?, in the? Subject? You can specify the reason for which you are sending a postcard (indicate the topic is not necessary, but some letters without order can enter the spam). For example,? Happy Birthday? or? Happy New Year ?. The addressee may be selected from the history of the stored e-mail (address book). To do this, click the person in front of the image field? Who? and select the desired email address. You can also enter the address manually, the system will prompt you with options for the introduction of the first characters of the electronic address.

If you decide to send a card to multiple contacts, press the copy in a letter, you can specify a maximum of 25 contacts.
Text input can be done in 2 modes:

- A text-

- To issue the letter.

In mode? Your letters? You can draw beautifully written text: apply to the said allocation, italics, a different color of the text, insert emoticons. To switch from one mode to another, press the corresponding button next to the field with the text of the letter.

You can also use the spell checker and insert signatures to all outgoing messages.

How to insert a card in the mail


After the complete creation of the letter, add a greeting card,which can be selected on the page? Yandeks.Otkrytki? or by clicking on a button? Postcard ?. Choose one of these categories? click on the image card, and it will automatically be displayed in the input field of the message text. Adjust the position of the image, add a congratulatory text (if necessary). Click send to letter reached its destination.

How to insert a card in the mail

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