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How to insert a cap on the website

How to insert a cap on the website

? Hat ?, or the top of a web page, make your site unique, it allows it to be different and reflect the specific character of your Internet project.

With the help of original and high-quality made hat can decorate and ennoble any web page, and to make himself a hat, you need to learn the layout of the web element.



If you want to site had a static constant size, youyou need to create a static cap, which does not change depending on changes in the width of the screen. Determine the width and height of the caps (eg, 996h230) and insert into the upper block background image, using the following CSS-code, where the header-1.jpg? This background image: #header {
background: # a6b7d3 url (img / header-1.jpg) no-repeat-
width: 996px-
height: 230px-
} HTML-code for this type of hat will look like this: & lt-div & gt- & lt- / div & gt- & lt - - Block caps - & gt-!


If site It is designed so that its dimensions are adjusted to thethe width of the screen, the cap should be drawn up with a view of all the major resolution of the monitor. The maximum width of a hat should be 1920 pixels. To insert a header, use the CSS-code: #header {background: # a6b7d3 url (img / header-2.jpg) no-repeat center- height: 250px-} HTML-code in this case is similar to the previous one. CSS-code is changed in some settings? Now it appeared the image alignment attribute caps, allowing to adjust the background to whatever the width of the screen.


You can also impose a more complex versioncaps, chopped into several blocks in the background, which will change its position depending on the size of the viewing window. CSS-code for this cap is more complex and extensive, and involves the repetition of a few background elements in accordance with the floating size of the browser window, which may see your site.

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