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Symbolized by the cat in Egypt was considered

Home to white lions

White Lion Habitat

For many centuries, the existence of white lions was considered a legend.

Lions with white wool naturally occurring very rarely.

Gradually, these animals are not only the subject of research, but also gained high value.

White lions are bred for zoos, circuses and sanctuaries.

In the Middle Ages killed a lion with a white coat was considered the most valuable trophy for hunters.

White Lion - a very rare animal. It is listed as endangered and is under state protection. In some countries, a white lion is also a sacred animal. For example, it can be seen as a challenge to the state in Africa, encroachment on the life of the king of beasts with white hair.

White Lion - the hero of numerous peoples of legendsAfrica. One of the stories contains information that snow-white lion was sent by gods to Earth to help mankind to get rid of the deadly disease.

Myths about white lions

live lions

The white lion is not a separate specieslions. In the natural environment, individuals with white coloration appear in females with a standard shade of wool. At the same time called white albino lions will be wrong. Changes in these animals only occur coat color and eye color, nose and paws has a reddish hue and is different from conventional representatives of this kind.

White wool in this case is a signdeviation, which was called leucism. In terms of physical parameters such animals are no different from their counterparts, in addition to cream-colored fur. Through numerous studies, it became known that leucism passed on a genetic level. This fact was the reason for making a successful experiment, by which regular white lions born in reserves and zoos.

Habitats white lion

Why did the lion is considered the king of beasts

White lions live wherever live normal individuals. However, wild animals such units exist. In zoos and nature reserves, you can see the white lions, derived mainly by artificial means.

The largest number of unusual animalslives in Sanbon reserve in South Africa - of which there are more than 100 individuals. In zoos, Germany lives of more than 20 white lions. Recently, such animals were imported to Ukraine, which also live in captivity.

Difficulties white lion habitat in the wild.

To survive in the natural environment is very white lioncomplicated. The main reason for the death of these animals - color of the body. For carnivores coat color plays almost the leading role. Lions in this case is no exception. The yellow color of the wool helps to mask any area that allows you to sneak up as close as possible to the victim.

White Lion - a very valuable animal. The cost of a single individual often reaches 140 thousand dollars.

White lion cubs in the wild savannacan not disguise. Even harder lion with a white coat to catch prey. That is why these animals often die. Some researchers speculate that the white lions are not as strong as conventional counterparts, but the cause of unsuccessful hunting is obvious.

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