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WHERE the largest lizard in the world lives


Where the largest lizard in the world lives</a>

Of the lizards currently existing on Earth, the largest is the Komodo (Komodos) monitor, also known as the giant Indonesian lizard.

Both animal names are closely related to the range of its habitat in the wild.

Where the Komodos dragons dwell

How to feed a lizard
Huge lizards, who have already been christenedKomodos dragons are common on a number of Indonesian islands. Most of them live on Komodo - the island, which is mentioned in the name of giant reptiles. There the population of lizards is about 1700 individuals. According to scientists, about 1300 animals live on the island of Rincha. On the territory of the Indonesian island of Flores recorded about 2,000 giant lizards. A small number (about a hundred huge lizards) lives on the island of Gili Motang.
According to the researchers, relying onThe results of many years of scientific work, the birthplace of Komodos lizards is likely to be Australia. In all likelihood it was there about 900 thousand years ago this species could form, and only then the lizards began to migrate to the nearby islands.

Gigantic lizards are active mainly at daylight, but scientists have been able to record their nighttime activity.

To live Komodos dragons prefer in dry andWell warmed by the sun. They are also distributed in the savannah and dry tropical forests. From May to October, while the heat is high, the lizards try not to go far from the rivers, periodically leaving on the coast to find carrion. Animals like to swim and are able to overcome significant distances, swim even to the neighboring islands.

What they are - the world's largest lizards

What is the longest lizard?
The weight of adults can reach 70Kilograms - if the animals live in a natural environment. Scientists managed to fix the monitor, whose body length was 3.13 meters. Weighed this reptile more than 160 kilograms with regard to undigested food. Among the reptiles that live in captivity, there are specimens reaching even larger sizes.
Color in adult animals is dark brown, onThe surface of the body has small spots and specks of yellowish hues. In young lizards the color is brighter, and on the back you can often see reddish-yellowish spots located in rows. The strong muscular tail of the lizards is about half of the total length of the trunk. Animals use the tail as a support when they want to get food that is on the dais.

Komodos lizards, as a rule, prefer to live individually. In unstable groups, animals can be combined only for the feeding season, and also during the breeding season.

The diet of giant lizards is quite diverse -Lizards use for food and vertebrates, and invertebrate animals, eat otteropteran insects and crabs, fish and sea turtles, as well as snakes and lizards. Can monitor lizards to catch birds and mice, and even deer, and wild boar. There are cases when wild boars, wild goats, buffaloes and horses became prey.

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