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INFRARED sauna for home: what to consider when choosing


Infrared sauna for home: what to consider when choosing</a>

Not so long ago it was believed that the sauna in the house is the lot of successful businessmen and is a matter of prestige.

Today, most owners of cottages and country houses can not imagine their homes without a sauna.

For modern life, infra-red saunas are most suitable, which, with small dimensions and low energy consumption, provide optimal health care for people of all ages.

Size of the sauna

The size of the sauna chosen depends on the areaPremises in which it will be located. Single saunas in size are suitable for installation in bathrooms and on the loggias of houses. For them, a space of 120x110 cm is sufficient.

In houses with large bathrooms, you canPlace saunas made on individual projects, double and triple, as well as combined saunas (combined IR and Finnish saunas in a single space).

Choosing a sauna in size, in addition to accounting for the area of ​​the installation, it is important to leave the technological reserve - about 5 cm on each side.

Those whose small-sized apartments can not accommodate a stationary IR sauna, it is worth paying attention to the compact Mini infrared saunas.

Material of finishing

Selection of material for exterior and interior decorationThe sauna depends on your taste preferences and financial possibilities. So, the price of IR saunas from the Canadian red cedar is higher than the cost of saunas from Ussuri and Altai cedar, linden or alder. The choice of finishing material does not particularly affect the efficiency of infrared radiation. However, the smell and some useful properties of the material are important. For example, the Canadian cedar, along with an unforgettable aroma, gives out phytoncides, having a strong antiseptic effect. The alder tree, which has medicinal properties, is also recognized as the royal tree.

For commercial and office useExperts recommend choosing cabs made of red cedar due to its antiseptic properties, and for home use - saunas made of alder, lime, Ussuri or Altai cedar. Moreover, these rocks have a high ability to give their biological energy to humans. After visiting such a sauna, you will feel a surge of energy.

Visiting IR saunas has a restorative effect on the body, thanks to which the body gets additional strength to fight most of the various ailments.

Type of infrared emitter

Modern manufacturers, as a rule,Used in IR saunas tubular radiators, which are fixed in metal specular reflectors. These radiators are made from inexpensive South Korean ceramics. Some Russian saunas producers use more expensive, devoid of individual defects, emitters of the brand "Yuborg".

In infrared saunas of European manufacturersMainly used tubular radiators. Their common disadvantage is the uneven heating of different parts of the body, which creates a so-called draft that delivers unpleasant sensations when in a sauna.

The uniformity is achieved in the cabins of a new generation with film heaters. This is achieved by installing films with conductive busbars between the walls.

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