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Infrared sauna for home, what to consider when choosing

Infrared sauna for home, what to consider when choosing

Not so long ago it was thought that a private sauna in the house is a lot of successful business and is a matter of prestige.

Today, the majority of owners of cottages and country houses can not imagine their homes without a sauna.

For modern life is most adapted infrared saunas, which with small dimensions and low power consumption for optimum health care for people of all ages.

The size of the sauna

The size selected depends on the area saunathe room in which it will be placed. Single size saunas are suitable for installation in bathrooms and loggias of houses. For them, the size 120h110 see enough space.

In houses with large bathrooms can beplace sauna made on individual projects, double and triple, as well as the combined sauna (combined infrared and Finnish saunas in the same space).

When choosing the size of the sauna, in addition to considering the installation area, it is important to leave the technological reserve - about 5 cm on each side.

Those whose small apartment can not accommodate a stationary infrared sauna, you should pay attention to the compact Mini Infrared saunas.

Material finish

The choice of material of the outer and interiorsauna depends on your taste preferences and financial capabilities. So, the price of infrared saunas from Canadian red cedar saunas higher cost of the Ussuri and Altai cedar, basswood or alder. Selection of the surfacing material are not particularly affect the efficiency of the infrared radiation. However, it is important and some useful odor properties of the material. For example, Canadian cedar, together with an unforgettable aroma highlights volatile, providing a strong antiseptic effect. King's Wood is recognized as alder, which has healing properties.

For commercial and office useexperts recommend to choose a cab from red cedar due to its antiseptic properties, and for home use - the sauna of alder, linden, or Ussuri Altai cedar. The more that these rocks have a high ability to give a person their biological energy. After a visit to a sauna you will feel a surge of strength.

Visit infrared sauna has on the body bracing effect, due to which the body receives additional forces to deal with the majority of various ailments.

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Type infrared emitter

Modern manufacturers usuallyused in infrared saunas, tubular radiators, which are fixed to metal reflectors. These radiators are made of inexpensive South Korean ceramics. Some Russian producers saunas are used in more expensive, devoid of certain shortcomings, the radiators of the brand "Yuborg".

The infrared saunas European manufacturerstubular radiators are mainly used. Their common drawback is the uneven heating different parts of the body, which creates a so-called draft, delivers while in the sauna discomfort.

To achieve uniformity manage next-generation cockpits with film heaters. This is achieved through the installation of films with bus bars between the walls.

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