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How to influence people's decisions


How to influence people's decisions</a>

It's unpleasant when you are refused, but things you say are sensible. And sometimes you do not need to share your thoughts, and it's clear that they will not listen.

Or you want something from another person, and he rests like a ram.

Despair is not necessary, because there are several ways to have a painless effect on people.



Response action. Do something for a person, and he will have a desire to repay you on a subconscious level. You can calmly ask for what you wanted in return, because few people like to feel obligated.


Friendship. People respond more often to the requests of friends than those they do not know well. Try to become more meaningful for the one you want to achieve the result. However, it is better to forget about obsession, otherwise you will only annoy him.


Expectation. You believe in a person and expect anything from him. Like, I know, you can. If you really have value for him, your expectation will be a good incentive for him.


Use speech manipulation. For example, illusions of choice. When you think whether you need to sign a document or not, and get a grasp on it, and you are asked: "What kind of pen are you, ball or ink?" Not only is there almost no choice, but the feeling of gratitude awakens on the subconscious Level.


Associate the assumption with the action. This kind of manipulation should be resorted to when it is necessary to instill a motive for action. The action itself is veiled by this motive and does not at all resemble the order. A simple example: "Go outside - take out the garbage".

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