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How to influence people's decisions

How to influence people's decisions

It is unpleasant when you are denied, and the things you say sensible. And sometimes it is necessary to share his thoughts not, and so it is clear that will not listen.

Or do you want something from someone else, and he rests like a ram.

Do not despair, as there are several ways of influencing people painlessly.



Response. Do something for the man, and he subconsciously desire will repay you. Feel free to ask in return for what they wanted, because very few people nice to feel obligated.


Friendship. People are more likely to respond to requests from friends, rather than those they know is bad. Try to become more meaningful in order from whom you want to get results. However, about obsession is better to forget, otherwise it will only irritate him.


Expectation. Do you believe in the person and waiting for something from him. Like, I know you can. If you really want value for him, your expectation will be a good stimulus for him.


Resort to verbal manipulation. For example, selecting an illusion. When you think you should sign the document or not, and grasp the meaning of it, and you ask, "What is your pen, ballpoint or ink" Not only will and choice, it is almost not given, is also a sense of gratitude awakens subconscious level.


Communicate with the action of the assumption. By the manipulation necessary to resort to such means when you need to impress the motive for action. The action itself is veiled by this motive and does not sound like an order. A simple example: "You go out into the street - Remove garbage".

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