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Causes of severe pain in the neck


Causes of severe pain in the neck</a>

Most often, acute pain in the neck is a consequence of such ailments as osteochondrosis and osteoarthritis.

It can also appear as a result of hypothermia and various kinds of injuries.

It can not be treated lightly, because oncological diseases can also metastasize to the cervical region.

The most probable cause

Pain in the neck is a problem that everyone knowsPeople, regardless of age and gender. Often its main causes are osteochondrosis and osteoarthritis of the cervical spine. In the presence of these diseases, the sources of pain can be intervertebral disks and joints, as well as ligaments of the spine and back muscles.
In this case the pain is usually concentrated in theThe back of the neck, also it can radiate into the shoulders, chest wall and head. In addition, osteochondrosis and osteoarthrosis of the spine are accompanied by a restriction of the head movements and strong tension of the neck muscles. Most often these people are affected by people in adulthood and old age.
With severe pain in cervical osteochondrosis canTo cope only the doctor-vertebroneurologist. The procedure is performed using anesthetics, as well as manual techniques that help to remove muscle spasm. At home, waiting for the help of a doctor, the patient can take the usual dose of painkiller.

The most dangerous diseases

Severe pain in the neck is also observed whenSubarachnoid hemorrhage, meningitis, zygopharyngeal abscess and brain tumors. It is important that the metastases caused by malignant neoplasms in 15% of cases affect the cervical spine. Most often acute pain is caused by cancer of the breast and prostate gland, somewhat less often - melanoma, thyroid cancer and kidney cancer.
Tumor is excluded in systematic long-termPains that disturb the patient both at night and in the daytime. It should also be noted that unpleasant pulling sensations, concentrated on the front surface of the neck, exclude myocardial infarction and angina pectoris. Discomfort in the cervical spine can signal the presence of fibromyalgia - musculo-skeletal pain, which is chronic. The same can be said about rheumatic polymyalgia, although many mistakenly believe that with this ailment the pain is concentrated only in the shoulder joint.

Other reasons

Severe neck pain can be caused by coldsDiseases, hypothermia, abnormal position of the body during sleep, stretching while playing sports. It should also be mentioned that after a trauma the neck often becomes a zone of psychological fixation. For example, the constant pain in the neck of the body after a whiplash injury can be caused by prolonged depression or nervous stress. If there is no tumor, sciatica or trauma, the most effective methods for severe neck pain are exercise therapy and manual therapy.

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