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Inexpensive designs of houses made of aerated concrete and foam blocks


Inexpensive projects of houses made of aerated concrete and foam blocks</a>

It has long been fashionable low-rise construction of aerated concrete and foam blocks - varieties of cellular concrete. This material is the most reliable, high-tech, affordable and economical.

It should be noted that aerated concrete and aerated concrete are produced using different technologies, so they have some differences.

But in comparison with other constructionWith materials, cellular concrete has advantages: cellular blocks can be easily shaped, they are durable, lightweight, and have good thermal insulation properties.

Structure and composition of materials

Both foam blocks and aerated concrete are artificialBuilding materials with a porous structure. In this foam blocks, in contrast to aerated concrete, have closed pores. This allows the material not to sink in water, to have excellent heat and sound insulation properties. As for aerated concrete, the material should not be used for the construction of a foundation, and a building project from this material must necessarily provide for a quality exterior finish. The fact that the aerated concrete has small cracks and therefore has lower soundproofing properties and can not maintain a constant humidity in the room.

Unlike wood, artificial material does notThe house fungus or mold is terrible. This positive quality is especially noted by the owners of country houses, bathhouses and other structures, often erected from wood.

In the process of production of cellular concreteNatural materials are used: water, cement, lime, sand, foam, aluminum powder, so foam blocks, like aerated concrete, are environmentally friendly building materials. In addition, the blocks are easy to process, which allows you to significantly save and not to buy extra material. Please note that both foam blocks and aerated concrete are homogeneous, so they can be cut and laid with any convenient side. The main conclusion is that it is not only easy and convenient to build houses from foam blocks and aerated concrete, but also economically.

If we talk about the production of materials, thenTo produce a foam block is not difficult, which gives it a competitive advantage in price and makes it more demanded in the market. At the same time, because of the simple production method, foam concrete is the main contender for forgery. The material produced by the handicraft method loses all its basic properties and becomes less suitable for construction. But aerated concrete is produced by an autoclave method, which is more expensive, and therefore the material costs more.

Build from the blocks is very economical, and the building itself does not require additional maintenance.

It is worth noting that, despite the impressiveSize, and foam concrete, and gas blocks due to the porous structure are light enough, therefore, construction work can be carried out independently, without attracting additional assistants. Another advantage of building blocks is their diversity and a great choice for exterior and interior construction work.

As for the visible disadvantages of materials, hereIt is necessary to note the following: all its shortcomings the building blocks are fully transferred to the entire structure. Therefore, it should be taken into account, first, that the material is brittle. Secondly, foam concrete does not let air through. Therefore, a country house is made of foam concrete may not fit residents with lung diseases. Thirdly, with a strong fire, the foam blocks burn well. And, fourthly, the composition of aerated concrete includes lime, which causes corrosion of the metal.

Construction of cellular concrete

The building erected from gas blocks is differentFire safety, excellent thermal insulation, durability and economy. Specialists note that the gas blocks have practically united in themselves all the best qualities of wood and stone - the main building materials, which, unfortunately, are not as accessible as cellular concrete. It should also be noted that the materials perfectly keep the building comfortable for living atmosphere. Cellular concrete is perfectly combined with various roofing materials, as well as with any insulation.

Build any cottage of blocks - it's notComplex, because the block material can easily be cut, drilled and milled. At the same time, construction may include all kinds of arches, pediments and other figurative elements. An inexpensive house built from foam blocks can be an excellent option for both a summer country cottage and a full-fledged house where you can live all year round. Good thermal insulation properties, which the foam block has, make it an excellent material for the construction of a bath.

Bath of foam blocks is no different fromBuildings made of wood. At the same time, the work does not require anything special and can even be done by a beginner. All you need is to find the right bath project or download a free project from the Internet. If you want, you can purchase a sample project by contacting the appropriate project service. When the finished project is on your hands, all you need is to buy all the necessary building materials - foam blocks or aerated concrete and other components - and start building.

Building blocks should be chosen high-quality. It is best to buy foam blocks from the manufacturer or, if there is no such possibility, through a proven construction store. The properties of cellular concrete make it very convenient and easy to place all communications. The main thing here is to correctly draw up a plan for the location of communications and not to miss anything.

Experts recommend reinforcing every few rows of blocks with a special mesh to make the masonry more durable.

Thanks to modern artificial materialsIt became possible to build a quality house quickly and inexpensively. Building of blocks is a good budget option, and therefore the material is often used for out-of-town construction, as well as for the construction of baths and saunas. Blocks of foam concrete and gas blocks can easily be given the desired shape. The material does not require large expenditures of mortar or glue, it has good soundproofing properties, it perfectly keeps heat and, thanks to a small weight, does not heavier the walls of the building. The project of the house from the foam block can be built in a short time. Environmentally friendly building materials aerated concrete and foam blocks are the most popular materials of modern low-rise construction.

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