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Indian style in the interior

Indian style in the interior

The caller and luxury on the one hand and the austere and comfortable on the other, Indian style have the liking of many.

He will be remembered to you, as well as his country, bright and spicy but always friendly and cheerful.



Characteristic for the Indian dwellings are arches,columns, carved panels on the windows and doors. For rooms of zoning does not erect walls, the maximum that can be - it's light, portable screen. The color scheme in the Indian interior is bright and saturated, turquoise, yellow, red, magenta and orange - it's color. If you want a more quiet interior, use warm sand and earthy colors. If you stilizuete interior, you can paint one of the walls, for example, draw the Indian arch.


Traditionally simply painted walls, morespacious and luxurious interiors use mosaic and thread. Ceilings often tighten tissue, India is the ancestor of suspended ceilings. On the floor, using wood, stone, tile.


The special colors of the Indian style givestextiles, a variety of patterns is striking. As motifs are used for color images of tissues, animals, and are characterized by different patterns, the most famous is called "cucumber". Fabric exclusively natural cotton, cotton and, of course, silk. Pillows are often decorated with tassels and fringe.


Furniture in this style is made of durablewood, such as teak, walnut, rosewood. Since ancient times, the Indian people lacquered furniture, often use colored nail thread painting. Besides carving furniture decorated with inlaid mother of pearl, ivory and precious stones. Furniture for seating and tables were made low, narrow spread low cabinets and a variety of tables. Good fit wicker furniture.


It can be used for decoration of the room and silkwooden panels. Lamps made of colored glass, mirrors with carved frames and various figurines bring the spirit of India. As statues and motifs panels used animals such as an elephant, cow, egret. images of gods are often used in painting. Will look colorful Indian dishes. To create a spirit of Asia use incense and spice plants, will look perfect citron, myrtle, laurel.

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