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How to increase the performance of a video card


Accelerate to health. The main thing - do not overdo it.</a>

The main impact in the processing of multiple textures and images in games and movies is taken by the video card itself, and the amount of FPS, and the quality of the image, directly depends on it.

The performance of a video card depends on the speedA data bus through which the video information is transmitted - from the frequency and volume of video memory on the card itself - from the frequency of the GPU and the number of texture units, as well as pixel pipelines.



Technical progress does not stand still for a minute,And all the computer components are wounded or late obsolete. I bought a video card, brand new, powerful. Looking? And a year later it is no longer considered so powerful and many toys no longer draw.


If your video card suffers the same fate? dont be upset. Not necessarily every six months to change the video card to a new one, when it is possible and the old one? The most common and simple methods of overclocking? Is the installation of new graphics drivers - increasing the frequency of work, like video memory, and graphics processor or flashing BIOS? And video card.


Sufficiently sophisticated methods can be veryRisky and even disastrous for equipment. These are methods such as increasing the voltage in the power supply circuits of the card and in the PCI-E slot of the system board (motherboard) - extraordinary cooling with liquid nitrogen and similar substances.

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