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Overclock health. The main thing - do not overdo it

The main blow in the processing of numerous textures and images in games and movies it takes on the video card, and it depends on the amount of the FPS, and image quality.

Performance depends on the speed of the graphics cardThe data bus through which video data and peredaetsya- the frequency and volume of video itself sump GPU frequency and number of texture blocks, and pixel pipelines.



Technological advances for a minute does not stand still,and all computer accessories Rani or later obsolete. I bought a video card, a brand new, powerful. You look? and a year later she is no longer considered to be such a powerful and many toys are no longer pull.


If your graphics card realizes the same fate? dont be upset. You do not have to change every six months for a new video card, when it is possible and old? Disperse ?. The most common and simple way to overclock? is setting new graphic drayverov- increasing frequency works as video memory and GPU, or reflash the BIOS? and graphics.


Suffice sophisticated techniques can be veryrisky and even detrimental to the equipment. These are the ways to increase the voltage in the power circuit cards and PCI-E slot system (motherboard) platy- extraordinary cooling with liquid nitrogen and similar substances.

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