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How to increase the volume of the laptop

How to increase the volume of the laptop

Surely many of those who use laptops, noticed that the volume of the built-in speakers is too small to organize the evening view the latest blockbusters.

Often there are only listen, that gives a little pleasure from such a view.

You will need

  • Software:
  • - Media Player Classic-
  • - CyberLink PowerDVD-
  • - Kmplayer.



There are several ways to increaseVolume laptop speakers while watching movies. Each method depends on the software installed. If you installed a set of codecs K-Lite Codec Pack, you could see, among other programs of this set of multimedia player Media Player Classic. It can be used to artificially increase the volume of the viewing and listening to files.


Open the program from the top menu, find the sectionView and then click Options. In the window that opens, navigate to the block of Internal Filters (on the left), select the Audio Switcher. On the right side you will see the Boost slider, move it to the far right and click the button "Apply and" OK. About a second later the sound level automatically increases.


If your laptop has an establishedHave CyberLink PowerDVD, try increasing the volume level with it. In the main window, click the right mouse button, from the context menu, select the Configuration item (Settings) or press Ctrl + C.


In the window that opens, go to the Audio section andclick the Advanced button. Among the options to opt for Noisy Environment. Double-click on the button "OK. Put on any video playback and set the maximum volume, it should be enough for a nice view (without trying to hear the speech of actors).


But if you constantly use the player Kmplayer,all previous movements, you no longer need. This player has a high volume and kit includes a set of important Codec. To increase the volume, you need to scroll up the mouse wheel. Also in the program is a function of automatically adjusting the sound level, depending on the recording quality.

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