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How to increase the volume of the backpack

Anything that does not go into a backpack, tie outside

It is summer, which means the season of holidays and trips.

No matter where you outlined the rest - in the country or abroad, think carefully about the list of essential things on holiday. Better yet, write a list.

But it may well be that everything you need and then will not fit in a backpack.

Whether you're bummed, whether your needs have grown.



One way to increase the old backpack - Is to buy a new, more spacious. It works well in the event that you are free to dispose the right amount of money. If resources are limited, this is not an option.


The second way - to make it easier for your life, that is,I wear. If some of the items left at home, backpack clearly become more spacious inside. Another option: pack their belongings overwork more compact. Distribute heavy items over the entire height backpackBut so that the main weight on the bottomand the middle part. Clothes convenient fold rollers, so it takes up less space and almost no creases. Essentials and leave the documents in the valve backpackWho unbuttoned from your back.


The third way to expand space inventedexperienced manufacturers of backpacks themselves. Take a look inside your hiking equipment most deeply. As a rule, there exists a "hiding the bottom" - lightning unbuttoned which you connect the lower pocket with main compartment.


A fourth method for those who applied earlierthree and still scratching his head, looking at the pots, shoes and net. Try to fasten everything that does not fit inside the outside. For this special attachment backpacks and harnesses provided. Thus, you will increase the capacity backpack and provide itself on vacation with everything you need. Have a nice road and rest!

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