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How to increase the paging file?

How to increase the paging file?

Users of computers with a small amount of memory is often a problem associated with low or deteriorating system performance.

Sometimes the situation can improve a little, if you increase the paging file.

You will need

  • ? a computer
  • ? Windows operating system



Consider increasing the paging file (swap file) method on Windows 2000. For example, the operating system start run Control Panel, and open it in an application? System ?.


Click on the tab? Advanced? and click on the? Performance Options ?.


Information on the amount of the swap file is inblock? Virtual memory ?. Press? Change ?. In the next window you will see a list of your hard disks below for each of them, you can set a different amount of the swap file. It makes sense to keep the swap file on the fastest disk on the system. If you have one physical hard drive, which is divided into several logical drives, it is desirable to locate the swap file on the first partition (C :). After making changes do not forget to press the button? Ask ?.

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