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How to increase the stubble

How to increase the stubble

For some young people, the question "how to increasebristle "is the cornerstone. Many teenagers dream quickly become a real man, and find the attendant symptoms, one of which is a heavy beard.

Stimulate the growth of facial hair in several ways, but you need to understand that the main reason for this lies in the other.

Dense vegetation on the face mainly depends on its heredity and genetic predisposition.

You will need

  • Oil with red pepper, burdock oil, foods rich in micronutrients.



Increased bristle growth largely depends on thethe intensity of circulation. Accelerated blood circulation increases the flow of nutrients that promote the growth of facial hair. Keep the mask on the face, composed of red pepper oil, enhancing circulation. Also, the use of nourishing masks is considered very effective. Buy at the pharmacy burdock oil and apply it before going to bed massage movements to those areas of the face where you want to accelerate the growth of stubble.


Hair growth on the face also depends on the leveltestosterone in the human body. Take seriously some sport that requires great physical exertion. For example, start attending a fitness gym. The fact that this very effective method of increasing the growth of the bristles, since your body will thus try to replenish the hormones necessary for the stimulation of hair growth. Try to lead an active life.


It is also important to observe the correct diet. Everyone knows that for the proper growth of hair require different trace elements: zinc, calcium, chromium, magnesium, potassium, silicon, iodine and beta-carotene. To increase the bristle use in their daily diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese, cottage cheese, nuts and legumes, rolled oats. From proper nutrition improves overall hormonal state of the body, which contributes directly to the growth of stubble.

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