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How to increase the speed to 2109

How to increase the speed to 2109

According to statistics, in Russia, more than half of the residents are owners of domestic cars.

This is due to their practicality and simplicity.

Spare parts for our cars are sold in every car shop, and repairs can be carried by hand. A great recognition received VAZ 2109 among young people, called "chisel".

But the young man wants to speed and drive, which are so lacking nine.

How can you increase the speed of 2109?

You will need

  • Turbokomplekt to 2109, new gas shock absorbers, tire pressure sensors, short spring.



To start make your spring cleaningcar. Along the way, examine the condition of the body. Minor defects do not affect the speed, but over time they can develop into a global rust, which can easily hit the car carrying structure. Then the car at any time become unusable. During operation, often in the car collects a bunch of unnecessary stuff. He can move you not to interfere, but it creates a significant extra weight that prevents the rapid acceleration of the vehicle. Therefore, the total surplus in the car should get rid of. It will also allow you to save on gasoline.


Examine the condition of the tires of your car. The low speed may be caused by insufficient tire pressure. If the tires are at half-mast, the engine has to develop more power, which means it works to overcome obstacles, not the vehicle acceleration. It is also a negative impact on gasoline consumption. Upgrade the suspension of your car. Put gas shock absorbers - they are the most efficient and reliable. If you drive around the city, shorten it a little spring. Clearance cars will be less, while the aerodynamic characteristics will work better, which will slightly increase speed.


If you are not satisfied overclocking machine,pay attention to the gearbox. Vazovskoy boxes are far from ideal. there are gaps between gears, which interfere with the normal and the technically overclocking. It can help a bulkhead box and installing it in a number of sports. This series is shorter. This upgrade allows you to significantly reduce the gap between the first and second gear. However, it is worth noting that the car with the established sports next will be difficult to move downhill with trailer.


If you want to dramatically increase the maximumvehicle speed, the engine be engaged in finalizing your nines. The minimum rate of increase may give a properly configured carburetor or more advanced firmware engine control unit. Installing turbokomplekta significantly increase the maximum speed. Currently on the market sold a lot of different types of turbines on all vehicles. They differ power boost. Do not install on nine high-power turbine, as a standard body simply can not handle the load.

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