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How to increase the speed of the games

How to increase the speed of the games

System requirements for the various computer games may vary greatly.

Each of them has a wide range of settings and parameters that affect the performance.

Special solutions can improve the speed of the games.



Adjust the settings of the game. Parameters such as anti-aliasing and higher screen resolution settings may result in slow performance of a computer game. If you change these settings in the lower you can improve gaming performance. Customizable options vary widely from game to game, and you will need to adjust them, depending on the service life and performance of your computer. Experiment with them and look for these settings, which are most suitable for your particular machine.


Close other programs while playing. If you have other applications running in the background, it can use more memory and CPU resources, because of what the game will run slower.


Upgrade your RAM. Insufficient RAM may lead to a sharp slowdown in computer games. RAM is probably the most inexpensive way to improve the speed, not only in games but also in other applications and system processes. To work with demanding computer games it is recommended that you have been set from 1 to 2 GB of RAM.


Install the new video card. New graphics chips can dramatically improve gaming performance. Graphics cards contain their own memory and GPU (graphics processor). Do not forget to check which ports are available on your motherboard to buy a video card that is installed without problems.


Replace your CPU. A faster processor improves computer performance. But this may require you to purchase a new motherboard. Older motherboards often not suitable for the installation of the latest processors.

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