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How to increase the speed of loading pages in the browser

How to increase the speed of loading pages in the browser

Many novice webmasters often love to overload the site so that the page is loaded prohibitively long.

Some users may sometimes not wait for the final loading of page elements.



Reduce the weight of the image files, especially on the main page.
If you load the site should contact theserver, which is a set of pictures larger than a megabyte, the page in the browser of the user starts to boot several times longer. This especially affects computers with slow Internet connection. Therefore, before loading the site all the graphics it is recommended to either reduce or resave lower quality.


Reduce the site database.
Of course, without the knowledge of SQL to navigate inthe database will be hard, but they do occur sometimes very long, and even the extra queries, increasing the waiting time the page is loaded. If you are not good at programming, you can try to use a special plug-ins.


Remove some of the content.
Every webmaster wants to homewebsite page has an informative and colorful. In this case, the main thing - to know The Edge of Reason. Therefore, if all of a sudden the site for a long time to boot - should significantly reduce the number of banners, announcements and images on a web page.


Enable cache using Gzip component.
When the user's browser cache will not re-download the same image, and will use their cached copies. This allows dozens of times to increase download speed.


Check out the design elements.
Think carefully on the design and layout of the site. It is possible that you can remove many of the menu items, the number of flashing banners and advertising - cut and animation - simplify.

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