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How to increase the space of a small apartment


How to increase the space of a small apartment</a>

Small rooms are cozy, but they always lack space. In such rooms, every square centimeter is important.

How to escape from crowdedness?

There are five tips to help you expand your space.



To be honest, then all of us over timeAccumulates a lot of unnecessary things. Useless things are the main enemies of small apartments. To increase space, take a new look at your apartment, evaluate the things in it. Reconsider them, while asking yourself - is this thing necessary, whether it clutters up space, whether it can be dispensed with and whether it fits into the general style of the room. And do not forget, when acquiring new things, throw out their old counterparts.


A small living space impliesUse fewer resources. But this does not mean that a small apartment can not be modern and beautiful. The most optimal for you will be the minimalist style, which is gaining popularity now.


In small rooms for storing thingsvery little. Proper organization of them will help to increase the apartment. To do this, try to use all available places for storing things, for example, under the bed, under the sofa, in the closet, etc. Very functional open shelving, a variety of baskets, boxes and containers. Plus, they ask a certain style for the room.


Watch for technical innovations. Science is moving forward and is increasingly turning towards saving space and taking care of the environment. Washing machines, microwave ovens, televisions and other equipment now occupy much less free space than before. Convenient also built-in appliances.


Try to choose furniture rationally. Modern furniture can simultaneously perform several different functions or take a miniature size in case of uselessness. Furniture for small apartments should be universal, durable, do not get bulky, quickly emerging from fashion interior items. Stick to the classics.

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