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How to increase the space of a small apartment

How to increase the space of a small apartment

Small rooms are cozy, but they always feel lack of space. In such areas per square centimeter counts.

How to escape from the narrowness?

There are five tips that will help you expand the space.



To be honest, we all eventuallyaccumulated mass of unnecessary things. Useless things - the main enemies of small apartments. To increase the space look anew at his apartment, located in the vote her things. Review them at the same time asking ourselves - it need this thing, whether it clutter the space, whether it is possible to do without it and whether it fits into the overall style of the room. And do not forget, buying new things, to throw out their old counterparts.


Small living space meansusing fewer resources. But this does not mean that the small apartment can not be modern and beautiful. The most optimal for you to become a minimalist style, is now gaining more and more popularity.


In the small room space storagevery little. Proper organization helps to increase their sale. To do this, try to use all available storage space, for example, under the bed, under the bed, in the closet, etc. Very functional open shelves, various baskets, boxes and containers. Plus, they set a specific style room.


Watch out for technical innovations. Science goes forward and is increasingly turns towards the environment and space-saving care. Washing machines, microwave ovens, televisions and other equipment, now occupy much less space than before. It is also convenient built-in appliances.


Try to rationally choose furniture. Modern furniture can simultaneously perform several different functions or to make miniature size in case of uselessness. Furniture for small apartments is to be versatile, durable, do not buy bulky, quickly go out of style interior. Stick to the classics.

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