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How to increase the sound of the microphone

Record audio with a video camera

One of the most common problems novice amateur video - a lack of quality sound. Blowing wind, strong external noise, the lack of sensitivity of the microphone ...

The reasons explaining the poor sound, can be many.

One of them - a low volume level when writing to the device.

For example, in the camcorder.

You will need

  • a video camera, microphone, batteries, computer



Check the battery charge. If the microphone has an autonomous power (more "finger" batteries) and writes quietly, perhaps the batteries are exhausted. They need to be replaced. If the microphone is powered by a camcorder battery, recharge it.

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Get the windshield, if you plan to shootOutdoors. If this is not possible, choose a location for the filming, protected from the wind (walls, trees, rise back to the wind) or shooting indoors.

To adjust the recording level, use headphones.


Before shooting, check the levelrecording in the device (camcorder). Find the item in the setup menu. If you are going to shoot outdoors - safely put the maximum recording level. The number of external natural noise (cars, wind noise, the voices of people) is usually required.

To get a good sound, determine the distance from the & lt-b & gt-in microphone & lt- / b & gt- sounding object to advance

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