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How to increase the shoulders


How to increase the shoulders</a>

Every man wants to have broad and inflated shoulders.

Even among women engaged in fitness, many want to have raised shoulders.

There are a number of training complexes, with which you can significantly increase the width and volume of the shoulders.

You will need

  • Horizontal bar, two dumbbells of 2 kg each, a swimming pool



In order to increase the shoulders and achievePositive result, you must first choose the right tactics of training and follow it for a certain period. Any training, and even more so on the shoulders, should begin with a good warm-up workout, so as not to injure the shoulder joints and muscles. In the stretch must necessarily include circular movements of the hands, as well as pushing away from the floor with a wide grip. The best way is running down the street or on a treadmill in the gym. Beginners should practice 3 times a week, otherwise the shoulders (deltoid muscles) will not have time to relax until the next workout.

How to increase the shoulders


The basic exercise for increasing the shoulders isPulling on the crossbar with a wide and medium grip. To do this, you need a street bar or a crossbar made at home. Be sure to perform the exercise in three approaches. For beginners, a complex of 4-5 pull-ups for 3 times with a rest between approaches in half a minute.
Prepared man, respectively,More repetitions are needed, depending on the strengths and abilities. Further, in order to increase the shoulders, it is necessary to perform circular dummies with dumbbells of 1-3 kg. The number of flies - at least 10 for 3 approaches.

How to increase the shoulders


Be sure to include in the training complexSports swimming in the pool. Since ancient times, it is known that with the help of swimming, you can noticeably increase your shoulders. To increase the volume of the shoulders are affected by three styles of swimming? Krol (freestyle), on the back and butterfly. Swimming classes three times a week for one hour will significantly complement the training complex to expand the shoulders. If you train on such a schedule, progress will be visible for a maximum of a year.

How to increase the shoulders

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