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How to increase the shoulders

How to increase the shoulders

Every man wants to have broad shoulders and inflated.

Even among women involved in fitness, many people want to have raised shoulders.

There are a number of training facilities, with which you can significantly increase the breadth and scope of the shoulders.

You will need

  • horizontal bar, two dumbbell 2 kg, pool



In order to increase and reach the shouldersa positive result, it is necessary first to choose the right strategy of training and follow it for a predetermined period. Any training, and even more so on the shoulders, it should start with a good warm-up warm-up, so as not to injure the shoulder joints and muscles. The banner must include circular movements with his hands, as well as push-ups wide grip. It is best suited for a run outdoors or on a treadmill at the gym. Beginners should be engaged 3 times a week, or shoulders (deltoids) will not have time to relax before the next workout.

How to increase the shoulders


Basic exercises for increasing shoulder ispulling up on the bar and the wide average grip. This will require a street horizontal bar or beam manufactured home. Be sure to do the exercise in three sets. Novice suitable complex of 4-5 pull-up 3 times with a rest between sets in half a minute.
Trained person, respectively,It needs more repetitions, depending on the powers and abilities. Further, to increase the shoulders need to perform a circular Mahi dumbbell 1-3 kg. Mach number - at least 10 3 approach.

How to increase the shoulders


Be sure to include in the training complexsports swimming in the pool. Since ancient times it is known that with the help of swimming can significantly increase the shoulders. The increase in the volume of arms affect three swimming style? crawl (freestyle), back and butterfly. Swimming lessons three times a week for one hour significantly complement the training complex to expand the shoulder. If you train for such a schedule, the progress will be noticeable after a maximum of training a year.

How to increase the shoulders

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