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How to increase the sharpness of the photo


How to increase the sharpness of the photo</a>

As it is a shame, when the picture, painstakingly constructed from the point of view of composition, meaning, color balance, is not sharp enough.

The lighting, the trembling hand of the photographer, the incorrectly positioned aperture, etc., can play their part.

It is unlikely that someone will be pleased with blurry and fuzzy photos.

Really nothing can be done and this photo will have to be abandoned?

There is a way to fix this annoying mistake with the help of the right tool of any amateur photographer - Photoshop.

Fix the photo is not sharp enough.

You will need

  • - Photoshop-
  • - the photo.



Open the photo in Photoshop. You can do this by clicking File - Open in sequence. In the window that opens, specify the photo you want to work with. The program will place the photo on the workspace. You can also open the photo with the Ctrl + O keys.


Create a copy of the layer using the key combinationCtrl + J on the Layers panel. In the created layer, change the blend mode to Overlay (Overlay mode). Do not forget to select the layer you want to work with.


Click Filter - Other - HighPass. In this filter there is only one adjustable value - Radius. Select the desired value for the radius value. Turn on the Prewiew view. Make sure that the image is uniform. If necessary, switch the blending mode to Hard Light.


Change the opacity value (Opasity). Reduce it until the sharp image effect becomes noticeable. Usually this value is not less than 80%. Compare the resulting image with the original - you will see that the picture has become much sharper.


Use one of the most convenient filters forSharpening - Unsharp Mask. This filter allows you to sharpen the selected image area. It is often used in advertising photography to enhance the effect of the expressiveness of an object in the foreground.


Sharpen the entire image at once,Using for this special filters Sharpen and Sharpen more. Both these filters enhance the sharpness, increasing the contrast of the pixels. Due to this, the image begins to look sharper.


Use to sharpen the imageTool Sharpen Tool. With this tool you can easily make sharp individual sections in the photo. This tool is needed in the event that any object in the photo is sharp, but not sufficiently or only parts of it are sharp. With this brush, you can easily eliminate minor defects.

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