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How to extend the record

How to extend the record

Even today, when the memory card capacity is calculated in gigabytes, it is sometimes necessary to increase the total duration of the audio on the media.

More often the problem occurs to those who still prefer to use the analog tape and tape recorders.



Take the means to a memory card larger volume. Today, the cost is relatively low and a large amount of cards is often less than $ 100 per gigabyte.


record quality is characterized by twoparameters: frequency of resampling and bit depth. Reduction of the first parameter lowers the upper limit of the frequency range, and the second - reduces the dynamic range of the recording. However, if the deterioration of these characteristics is suitable, for example, you are driving a voice recording, try experimenting with a decrease in the above parameters.


Use compressed recording format instead of uncompressed. For example, instead of WAV or AU use MP3 - this allows a minor deterioration in the quality and preservation of the oversampling frequency and reduce the bit file several times. If the deterioration is not satisfactory, use the format of "lossless" called FLAC. The information contained in the audio file at the same time does not change, but its volume is reduced only twice.


Try to achieve a further reduction in the volume of the audio file can be using more advanced compression format, for example, Vorbis OGG or WMA.


In analog tape recorder or Getincreasing the recording time of the carrier by a predetermined volume reduction rate. But remember that playing at reduced speeds not supported by all devices. Some cassette recorders can reduce the speed from 4.76 to 2.4 cm / s, and the coil - from 9.5 to 4.76.


Not all four-track tape recorders and voice recordersThey are stereo. Devices that are both four-track and mono are rare, but they can increase the duration of the recording on the same media (reel or cassette) twice while maintaining speed. But it is also a problem of compatibility made a soundtrack with other recorders.

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