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How to increase the photo when you call

How to increase the photo when you call

Many mobile phone models do not show photo caller on the screen.

This creates some inconvenience to users.

But there is a solution.

There are many programs that can be easily installed on the phone and they can be used to increase the photo when calling.

Using these tools is quite easy.

You will need

  • - For the program with a photo on your phone PhotoZoom Pro-
  • - Program Best Full Screen Caller-
  • - FaceCall program.



Download and install the utility on your phonePhotoZoom Pro. This program will be able to increase photo without loss of quality, as a special scaling technology S-Spline, which is used by developers in this program, based on an adaptive method. You can call the subscriber & nbsp- & nbsp-by pressing the contact picture. Today many phones, this function has already been implemented by the manufacturer. & Nbsp-


Download and installprogram & nbsp-Best & nbsp-Full & nbsp-Screen & nbsp-Caller & nbsp-With the help of this program you print a photo caller full screen. A photograph can be replaced by a picture that will remind the person who called you in the moment. In the & nbsp-Full & nbsp-Screen & nbsp-Caller & nbsp-there are two modes: demonstration of a full-screen photo and display all the information about the person who is calling you. These modes are set according to your desire. To do this, open the program and check the box next to the desired function.


Download and install the program FaceCall 1.61.& Nbsp- In it you can put contacts directly on the mobile phone operating table & nbsp-user to quickly set. You can install any number of contacts on springborde, & nbsp- create an icon from just a picture, increase the speed of the desired subscriber call, create an icon in the right springborde. After the call the subscriber back to the photo springbord, to the place where you put it.

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