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How to enlarge the photo when you call


How to enlarge the photo when you call</a>

Many mobile phone models do not show the subscriber's photo to the full screen.

This creates some inconvenience to users.

But there is a way out.

There are many programs that are easily installed on the phone and with their help you can increase the photo when you call.

Using these utilities is quite easy.

You will need

  • - the program for working with photos on your phone PhotoZoom Pro-
  • - program Best Full Screen Caller-
  • - program FaceCall.



Download and install on your phone utilityPhotoZoom Pro. This program will be able to enlarge the photo without losing quality, because the special technology of scaling S-Spline, which is used by developers in this program, is based on an adaptive technique. You can call & nbsp- the subscriber & nbsp-by clicking on the contact's image. For today in many phones this function is already introduced by the manufacturer. & Nbsp-


Download and installThe program & nbsp-Best & nbsp-Full & nbsp-Screen & nbsp-Caller & nbsp-With this program you display the photo of the subscriber to the full screen. The photo can be replaced with a picture that will remind you who called you at the moment. In & nbsp-Full & nbsp-Screen & nbsp-Caller & nbsp-there are two modes: demonstration of a full-screen photo and displaying all information about the person who calls you. These modes are customizable to your liking. To do this, open the program settings and check the appropriate function.


Download and install FaceCall 1.61.& Nbsp- In it, you can put contacts directly on your mobile phone's desktop & nbsp-for a quick dial-up of the user. Also you can set any number of contacts on the springboard, & nbsp- create an icon from the photo just taken, increase the speed of the call of the right subscriber, create an icon directly in the springboard. After the call the photo of the subscriber returns to the springboard, to the place where you put it.

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