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How to increase the physical memory

How to increase the physical memory

Over time, every computer starts to run slower.

This is because the new programs, games and all kinds of tools all require more power for stable operation.

The most effective way to speed up your computer, without requiring a huge investment of time and money - an increase in the physical memory of the computer.

You will need

  • Everest



Find out the type of RAM (physical) memory,used on your computer. It's enough to read the manual for the motherboard. If it did not have at hand - set the Everest program. It shows not only the type, but the clock speed of your RAM.

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If you plan to add an operationalmemory to the already existing in your PC, it is recommended to buy boards, identical set. Two identical boards operating in a pair, give productivity by 15-20% higher than different. At the same time, if you put a second card with more frequency, it will work on low-level trims.


If you decide to replace all the boards, get prompt memoryCorresponding to the maximum capabilities of yourmotherboard. So you protect yourself from doubt, and in case of insufficient increase in productivity safely take for other equipment.


Insert the operational memory in free slots on the motherboard, pre-clearing them from the dust, and turn on the computer.

How to increase the physical & lt-strong & gt-memory & lt- / strong & gt-

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