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How to increase physical memory


How to increase physical memory</a>

Over time, any computer starts to work more slowly.

This is because new programs, games and all kinds of utilities require more and more power for stable operation.

The most effective way to speed up your computer, not requiring huge time and money - increase the physical memory of your computer.

You will need

  • Everest



Find out the type of operative (physical) memory,Used on your computer. For this, it is enough to read the instructions to the motherboard. If it was not at hand - install the program Everest. It will show not only the type, but also the clock frequency of your RAM.

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If you plan to add an operational cardMemory to the ones already available in your PC, it is recommended to purchase identical cards. Two identical boards, working in pairs, give a productivity of 15-20% higher than the different ones. In this case, if you put a second board of a higher frequency, then it will work at the level of a weak bar.


If you decide to replace all the boards, then get an operational memoryCorresponding to the maximum capacity of yourMotherboard. Thus, you will protect yourself from all doubts, and in case of insufficient increase in productivity, boldly take up other equipment.


Insert the operational memory In the free slots on the motherboard, before clearing them of dust, and turn on the computer.

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