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How to increase the number of push-ups to 100 or more


How to increase the number of push-ups to 100 or more</a>

Starting to work on your endurance and strength, do not take everything for granted and overload yourself.

Adding an unnecessary burden to an unprepared organism, you can overstrain all the muscles, and the benefits from the exercises will not be at all.

Push-ups are one of those exercises that,Despite its simplicity, has a huge impact on the development of different muscle groups. Correctly performing push-ups, straining back muscles, biceps and triceps. All these muscles will add to the body the relief that you want so much, and also increase the strength.

How to achieve the result

An unprepared person can do no more30-40 push-ups for one approach. At the same time for the second approach, it will hardly be possible to do the same. If you decide to bring the number to 100 or more times, you have to persevere in more than one month, because you can not dramatically increase push-ups.
It is most productive to deal with approaches, that is,Do 3-4 calls to exercise. In particular, the first approach can be done 20 times, in the second and third - for 25 repetitions, and in the fourth - again 20 or 15 times. A correct selection of the number of push-ups will help not to overload yourself. Increase the number of push-ups made for the approach is possible if the previous standard seems already easy.
To do 100 or more push-ups at a time,Will have to work out a lot. As a rule, to achieve this result, it will take at least 2-3 months of intensive training. Accelerate your results by adding workouts on the bar and bars.
Pulling on the horizontal bars strengthens the biceps andGrip, and push-ups on the uneven bars increase the load on the triceps and shoulder ligaments. Changing the load on different muscle groups, you can quickly bring them to a productive tone.

Recommendations for increasing push-ups

Do not forget about proper nutrition andNecessary rest for muscles. Each time, loading itself more and more, the muscle fibers stretch. As a result, lactic acid is released, the excess of which leads to severe pain in the hands.
Once every 2-3 days you need to rest from training,So that the muscles have time to recover. Also for relaxation and relaxation it is recommended to take a warm bath. The increase in push-ups is a simple process that will require you only to exercise. Many people, when they take up self-improvement, often abandon this matter because of insufficient motivation. To begin with it is necessary to think and decide for what it is necessary for you, and then to undertake employment.
Proper motivation is the key to success in any business,People do not do anything just like that. Having decided, do not forget that doing one push-ups will not have that complex result. It is better to develop a set of exercises for yourself to change the types of load and develop not only the torso and arms, but, for example, also the legs or the press.

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