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How to increase the number of push-ups and 100 and more

How to increase the number of push-ups and 100 and more

Starting work on his stamina and strength, we should not be taken at once for all, and overload yourself.

Adding an extra load on the body is unprepared, you can strain the muscles, and the benefits of training will not be at all.

Push-ups - one of those exercises that,despite its simplicity, it has a huge impact on the development of different muscle groups. Properly performing push-ups, straining back muscles, biceps and triceps. All of these muscles will add body to the relief that so desire, as well as increase strength.

How to achieve results

Unprepared person can do no more30-40 push-ups in one go. Thus for the second approach is to do the same amount of turn is unlikely. If you decide to bring the number up to 100 times or more, you have to persevere more than one month, because you can not push to increase sharply.
Productively engaged all approaches, that is,do 3-4 exercises at sunset. In particular, the first approach can be made 20 times in the second and third - for 25 repetitions, and the fourth - over 20 or 15 times. True to the selection of the number of push-ups will help to not overload yourself. To increase the number of push-ups made of approach can be the case if the previous standard had already seems easy.
To make 100 or more at a time push,have badly trained. As a general rule, in order to achieve this result it will take at least 2-3 months of intensive training. Accelerate your results can be adding training on the horizontal bar and parallel bars.
Pull-ups on the bar, and strengthen your bicepsgrip and dips increase the load on the triceps and shoulder ligaments. By changing the load on different muscle groups, you can quickly bring them to a productive tone.

Recommendations to increase the push-ups

Do not forget about proper nutrition andneeded rest for the muscles. Each time the loading itself more and more muscle fibers are stretched. As a result, it stands out lactic acid, an excess of which leads to severe pain in his hands.
Every 2-3 days you need a break from training,so that the muscles have time to recover. Also for relaxation and recreation are encouraged to take a warm bath. Increase push a simple process that requires only the will to lessons from you. Many people, when taken for self-improvement, often throw the case due to lack of motivation. To get started is to think and decide what you need, and then to take up employment.
Proper motivation - the key to success in any business,people do not do anything for nothing. Having decided, do not forget that doing some push-ups, will not have the complex result. It is best to work out a complex of exercises to change the load types and to develop not only the torso and arms, but, for example, and even legs or press.

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