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How to increase the nose

Rhinoplasty - the most demanded cosmetic surgery

Rhinoplasty - a surgical procedure that allows to fix the shape of the nose. Practically, it is the most popular, in demand operation in plastic surgery.

Usually, with the help of rhinoplasty clean hump, reduce the size of the nose.

Increasing the nose is much less.

Let's talk about this.

You will need

  • Select the clinic and undergo medetsinskoe examination.



Decide exactly what you want to enlarge. With the help of rhinoplasty can be increased as the entire nose, and some parts of it, to make a more proportionate in relation to the entire face. This is important - because the nose is the most prominent "outstanding" part of our face and always attracts attention, and rather difficult to hide his faults only by means of cosmetics. In addition, sometimes asymmetrical shape nose difficult breathing.


What is the cause of your intentions.
What are the indications for an increase nose - It can be as wishes aesthetic and medical need.
1. Increase nose - Because it is more like it.
2. The physical injury, damage to, the effects of accidents, accidents.
3. Flat nose from birth.
4. The process of inflammation of soft tissues, influenced the shape nose.
5. The presence of underdeveloped parts nose.
6. Effects of operations on the nasal septum.


Identify - do you have any contraindications.
The main contraindications to rhinoplasty is generally age. Rhinoplasty should not be carried out before 16 years, but better - no earlier than 20, since only in this age stops growing nasal cartilage.
Also contraindicated is the presence of chronic and infectious respiratory diseases, diabetes, cancer and poor blood clotting.


The first practical step. First, in consultation with the surgeon you choose form nose and to negotiate all the details. Then you do an x-ray nose, Shall be tested. A few days before the operation you prescribe drugs, strengthens blood vessels, and if you have previously received medicines that affect blood clotting - you need to stop it.


The second practical step - operation.
Increasing the size of nose There are two ways - open and closed.
In a first embodiment, the operational incision is made on the partition between the nostrils, in the second - inside the nostrils.
Under the skin nose "Invested" a special frame, lifting and enhancing nose. The materials used for the frame: cartilage, bone and artificial materials, are safe for the organism.
The duration of the operation lasts within 2 hours, during surgery, general anesthesia is used in conjunction with a special local anesthesia.


Completion of the process. The postoperative period is about two weeks. At this time the patient first "is" in the nose tampons to absorb the blood and postoperative discharge, and then - a plaster cast.
During this time, it passes puffiness around the eyes and on the face, and then the patient must undergo physical therapy and for a time to give up exercise.

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