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How to increase the nose


Rhinoplasty is the most popular cosmetic surgery</a>

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that allows you to correct the shape of the nose. In practice, this is the most popular, demanded operation in plastic surgery.

Usually, rhinoplasty removes humpbacks, reduces the size of the nose.

The increase in the nose is much less frequent.

Let's talk about this.

You will need

  • Choose a clinic and undergo a medical examination.



Decide what you want to increase. With the help of rhinoplasty, you can increase both the entire nose, and some part of it, to make it more proportionate to the whole face. This is important - after all, the nose is the most visible "outstanding" element of our face and always attracts attention, and it is quite difficult to hide its shortcomings only with the help of cosmetics. In addition, sometimes an asymmetric form Nose Makes breathing difficult.


What is the reason for your intention.
What are the indications for an increase Nose - it can be both aesthetic wishes and medical necessity.
1. Increase Nose - because I like it more.
2. Physical injuries, injuries, consequences of accidents, accidents.
3. Flat nose from birth.
4. An inflamed process of soft tissues that affected the shape Nose.
5. Presence of underdeveloped parts Nose.
6. Consequences of operations on the nasal septum.


Find out - do you have any contraindications.
The main contraindication to rhinoplasty in general is age. Rhinoplasty can not be performed earlier than 16 years, or better - no earlier than 20, because only to this age the nasal cartilage stops growing.
Also, contraindications are the presence of chronic, infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract, diabetes, oncology and poor blood coagulability.


The first practical stage. First, at a consultation with a surgeon, you choose a form Nose And negotiate all the nuances. Then you take an X-ray Nose, You hand over analyzes. Several days before the operation, you are prescribed drugs that strengthen the blood vessels, and if you have previously taken medications that affect blood clotting - you need to stop this.


The second practical stage is the operation.
Increase in size Nose Can be made in two ways - open and closed.
In the first variant, the operative incision is made on the septum between the nostrils, in the second - inside the nostrils.
Under the skin Nose "A special frame is inserted, raising and increasing the bridge of the nose. For the frame used the following materials: cartilage, bone and artificial materials, safe for the body.
The duration of the operation lasts for 2 hours, during the operation, general anesthesia is used in combination with special local anesthesia.


Completion of the process. The postoperative period lasts about two weeks. At this time, the patient first "wears" tampons in the nose to absorb blood and post-operative secretions, and then - a plaster bandage.
During this time there is swelling around the eyes and on the face, and then the patient must undergo a course of physiotherapy and for a while refuse physical exertion.

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