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How to increase motivation to learn

How to increase motivation to learn

The problem of fathers and children was raised by Ivan Turgenev in the XIX century, and not allowed so far. In a few families, between older and younger generations have a full understanding.

One of the most popular stumbling blocks - study.

Of course, there are children prefer books entertainment. But there are not many.

Parents are forced to come up with a variety of ways to enhance the child's motivation.



Praise for success
Many parents punish for bad grades, andgood feel commonplace. Do things differently. The main emphasis is on good grades. When talking about the bad, do not raise your voice and do not offer a ready solution to the problem. It is better to ask the question: "How to do a better job?" If the child finds it difficult to answer, help him.


Zamotiviruyte money
Create a fee for the assessment: Five is, for example, 100 RUR is four - 50, triple - 0 rubles, for the deuce - a fine. As the fine can be any work (to wash dishes for a week, do a general cleaning of the apartment itself, etc.) Be sure to discuss every moment with your child, so you did not have an unpleasant conversation and resentment. It is better if you make a written contract, in which all the fine nuances to be specified. There must be two signed copies of the document, one is stored in the child, the other - the parents. Thus, in the present contract and the time of the game, which is appreciated by children.


Zamotiviruyte gifts
This method is similar to the previous one, except that instead ofMoney serves its material equivalent. For example, for the end of the school year on one five - as a gift on a trip to the sea-Four - a bicycle, etc. Only preliminary discussion with the child of his desire to make your gift really served as motivation for him.


Find out what the child wants to be in the future. (Try to discuss it, not your desires.)
Then show what items itneed in their chosen profession. Rather, these will be two or three. Then let them know that writer - physicist and the builder - Russian language is also needed. And not for the memories and for development. If the brain is trained to meet the challenges in several fields, each new task will be easier to solve in any sphere of activity. If you had a conversation correctly, the child will receive the intrinsic motivation, which is known to be much higher than the external (money, gifts).

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