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How to increase netbook memory


How to increase netbook memory</a>

The amount of RAM used in the netbook affects the overall performance of the device.

To improve performance, you can install additional memory slots in the laptop.

They can increase the speed and stability of the system.

Checking for Slots

Standard configuration of modern netbooksRarely includes more than 2 GB of RAM. This means that to increase the speed of the device it is necessary to install an additional bar, which can increase this figure several times.
Not all laptops support memory expansion, butTherefore it is necessary to make sure that the operation is possible. Take a screwdriver and unscrew the plastic flapper for the laths of the RAM. The cover covers part of the equipment of the device and is designed to replace the memory without the need to disassemble the entire enclosure.
Check for an additional slot formemory. If you see another free connector, then installing an additional RAM is possible. If both slots are occupied, the only option to increase performance will be to purchase a new memory bar of a larger size.

Buying a new bar

Acquire new memory slots. For example, it would be advisable to purchase one or more 1 GB slats to a device equipped with 1 GB of RAM. Or if you have only one slot for RAM in the device, get a 2 GB card instead of a 1 GB card.

When choosing the appropriate RAM, pay attention to the slots, the clock speed of which is approximately equal to that of the pre-installed in the netbook module.

Do not buy memory, which by volume inMany times exceeds the preset. A large number of RAM affects the life of the netbook without charging due to increased power consumption. Also, too much memory may simply not be determined by the computer due to exceeding the permissible limits on the amount of RAM.

Before buying it is desirable to take the module of old memory with you, so that sellers in the store of accessories could choose the appropriate type of RAM for the connector used in the netbook.


The process of installing RAM canChange depending on the type of device and model of the netbook. Unbend the clips that fix the memory in the slot, and then set the bar so that it easily enters the desired slot. After installing the strap, the clamps will automatically lock into place.

Increasing the amount of RAM will positively affect the performance of the netbook in games and resource-intensive applications.

Secure the previously removed cover of the netbook and tighten it with the bolts. Start the computer and check its operation. The installation of the bar is complete.

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