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How to increase the memory of the netbook

How to increase memory netbook

The amount of RAM used in netbook, affects the overall performance of the device.

To improve performance in a laptop, you can install additional memory strip.

They will be able to increase the speed and stability of the system.

Check availability of slots

The standard configuration of current netbooksrarely includes more than 2 GB of RAM. This means that you need to install an additional bar, which can increase this figure several times to increase device speed.
Not all notebooks support the expansion memory,because you first need to ensure that the possibility of surgery. Take a screwdriver and remove the plastic flap strips of RAM. The cover covers the part of the device and the equipment is designed for memory replacement without having to disassemble the entire body.
Check for additional slots formemory. If you see another free slot, then an extra RAM is possible. If both slots are occupied, the only option would be to increase productivity buy new strips mass memory.

Buying a new strap

Purchase a new memory bar. For example, it is advisable to purchase a device that has 1 GB of RAM, has one or more strips of 1 GB. Or if you have a device available only one slot for the RAM, buy a strap instead of 1 GB to 2 GB on board.

When choosing a suitable RAM pay attention to the plank, the clock frequency of which is approximately equal to the same index in the pre-module netbook.

Do not buy memory that the volume ofmany times greater than a preset. A large number of RAM affects the term netbook without power due to increase of power consumption. Also, too much memory may be simply determined by the computer due to exceeding the permissible restrictions on the amount of RAM.

Before buying, it is desirable to take the old memory module with you to the sellers in the store components can choose the right type of RAM used in a netbook connector.


The process of installing RAM mayvary depending on the type of device and netbook models. Push the tabs that secure the memory slot, and then set the bar so that it is easily entered into the correct slot. After installing the strap clips should automatically be fixed.

Increasing the amount of RAM a positive impact on the netbook performance in games and demanding applications.

Secure the cover of the netbook extracted earlier and tighten its bolts. Start the computer and check its performance. Installation strap completed.

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