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How to improve the level of pupilty of pupils


How to improve the level of pupilty of pupils</a>

One of the frequent problems of the teacher is often not the difficulty in transferring new knowledge to schoolchildren, but increasing the level of their upbringing, teaching them moral norms and principles of behavior in society.

Nevertheless, there are methods to effectively improve the level of pupilty of pupils.



Underlining is the abilityA person to follow generally accepted rules of conduct in accordance with considerations of morality and morality. Naturally, to a large extent these abilities develop in childhood, and given that most of their time the children spend in school, it becomes clear how important the role of the teacher in shaping the level of upbringing of his students.


First of all, you need to determine the currentThe level of child-rearing. This can be done with the help of interviews, observations of the behavior of students at the changes, using polls. Also, a lot of information can be obtained at gaming sessions, in discussions of literary works, theatrical productions. However, it will not be enough just to find out how well those or other schoolchildren are brought up, it will also be necessary to understand the reasons for their behavior in certain social situations. Communication with parents and friends of students will help you here.


Having dealt with the current state of things, you canTo move to work on raising the level of upbringing. Considerable help can be provided by children's literature, cartoons, and folklore. For example, you can arrange a competition of proverbs and sayings with a discussion of their meaning. It is possible to disassemble a literary work from the standpoint of morality and social norms, or to play the educational scene by roles. It is very important that children join the discussion process, feel themselves full participants. Note that such work should be conducted throughout the school hours, constantly noting the progress of the students.


If your students start more freelyExpress their thoughts without clogging their speech, become more attentive to others, not only observe the rules of behavior in society, but also control their comrades and classmates, so your work to raise the level of good breeding has borne fruit.

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